Jimmy Char

Current Job/Title: Training and Talent Development Director at Sabis Educational Services Sal Founding Member PMI® Lebanon Chapter (2005)

Industry / Sector Expertise: Education

Academic and Professional Credentials: : PMP®

  1. How do you describe the role of project manager to your friends and family?

    I believe that the role of the project manager can be referred to “The Change Agent”, any project nowadays involves social and technological changes. As part of my project’s delivery; I refer to the project manager as the “Maestro of the Orchestra”, the project manager is leading (orchestrating) the project team to have a successful outcome. Beautiful music is produced not only by good players who each knows how to play his part of the music, but also excellent harmonization and synchronization lead by the maestro put together to produce the final product.

  2. How do you apply and benefit from your management skills in your life?

    Life is a complex long-term project with different stages, many deliverables, soft and hard milestones, and a lot of key decisions that could change everything after. Despite all these, project management helped me be certain that I can succeed in my life project if I do the right things right from the start.

  3. How did project management credentials help in advancing your career and knowledge?

    It all changed with the PMP® certification! After many years of managing and leading projects, on 2000 I was working for an international IT company on developing the automation project of the operations of the port of Constantza in Romania and in March of the same year I was informed by my employer that all project managers would need to get certified. Back then, it was a surprise to me that after all these years of experience in project management, my employer wants me to acquire a certification! Nevertheless, I studied, prepared, and passed the PMP® exam by July 2000.

    Since that moment, my journey with PMI® started: I joined the board of PMI® Romania Chapter as “Director at large for training and education”; it was the beginning of an interesting opportunity. I took the initiative and founded the chapter in Lebanon in 2005 and then the chapter in Bulgaria in 2007 and held the position of the Chapter President for 5 years.

    Then I continued my volunteering acts with PMI® as a Content Editor of PMBOK6th Edition and till today, I am still enjoying my contribution and commitment with PMI]R]. Although the experience is very vital to succeed in my career as project manager, I can confirm now that certification is this little difference that flavors the whole story, builds your self-confidence and confirms your self-esteem.

  4. Can you share with us a successful project you have worked on and its lessons learned?

    I have worked on many projects and succeeded in most of them, but the opening of PMI® Lebanon Chapter and later PMI® Bulgaria Chapter were not only successful projects but also the most loved ones to me. The success is not only when you deliver but what happens with the delivery after you leave: these 2 projects are now running beautifully without my support and will continue for many years to come. Many leaders followed me and many others will follow and the chapters will continue and grow. This is the real success.

  5. Any advice and recommendation you can give to other project managers

    As per my continuous and pleasant journey with PMI®; I can proudly say to all project managers:

    • Work collaboratively with your team members (Lead: be responsible and accountable).
    • Use your interpersonal skills to let your team achieve (Motivate and understand).
    • Ensure establishing a happy environment: lead the whole team to focus on the common objectives and only then, your projects will succeed.
Jimmy Char