Joseph Haskour

Current Job/ Role: IT Projects Delivery Manager at Desjardins Group, Montreal, QC, Canada –relocated in October 2018

Academic and Professional Credentials: Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MBA, PMP, SAFe Agilist certification

PMI LC member since: February 2014

Domain/Industry Knowledge/Sector expertise:Corporate & Retail Banking, Cards and Financial Payments, IT and Operations banking, leading digital transformation and process automation projects.

Testimonial In 2017, I took the decision to move with my family to Montreal, I could identify a large market for project managers in the IT sector.

My latest job experience in Corporate Banking had taken me fairly away from project management and the IT environment in general, so I was in need for a comeback plan and PMI Lebanon Chapter was a strategic enabler for my return to the project management community.

I started to participate in the monthly talks where I met a vibrant society of practitioners from different industries and backgrounds, with diversified skills and experience levels. I got involved in productive discussions on various interesting topics, covering leadership, technical and strategic project management aspects, and thanks to the friendly and welcoming ambiance, I was able to network with the chapter’s members, build good relationships and finally revive the project manager inside me!

joseph haskour