Joy El Mouallem

Current Job/ Role: Owner and Management Consultant at Quality Circle ( / Quality Management, Sustainable Development and Innovative Solutions)

Academic and Professional Credentials: Master of Engineering Management, Bachelor of Computer Engineering, PMP, ISO 9001

PMI LC member since: Since 2013

Domain/Industry Knowledge/Sector expertise: Private and public sectors, in design, construction, real estate, ports (import/export), marketing and distribution of products, oil and gas, and NGOs.

Testimonial: I am a proud member of PMI Lebanon Chapter since 2013. I have attended several events and presentations prepared by PMI Lebanon Chapter. All events were very well organized, enjoyable and valuable. I met a lot of interesting people, exchanged stimulating discussions and always learned new things. I am happy to be a member in such an interesting and warm community and would like to contribute, grow, and be an active participant in PMI Lebanon Chapter.

Joy El Mouallem