Naji Chelala

  • How do you describe the role of project management to your friends and family?

    I believe that project management is the roadmap to productivity through different actions. It does not spare even a 4-year-old child to manage his day. For any goal to be achieved, project management is a commitment we take to plan for our smallest daily task.

  • How do you apply and benefit from your management skills in your life?

    Project management is integrated and used in my personal life along with soft skills. Each morning I set my plan, review my agenda, and accommodate the tasks accordingly. I apply project management approach with all the employees in different positions (from the least responsible to top management) to guide them and to trigger their mind using the coaching model.

  • How did project management credentials help in advancing your career and knowledge?

    Since I acquired my PMP in 2011, PMBOK has always been a guide to enhance my knowledge and to update myself. As part of my training and coaching workshops, I highlight to participants that the PMBOK gives us the ability through its knowledge areas and process groups to implement and customize as need be. It is worth mentioning that PMP credential is a passport to the business world.

  • Can you share with us a successful project you have worked on and its lessons learned?

    I launched along with a group of volunteers a project 10 years ago for a non-profit organization “Baitna” to build a home for mentally challenged orphans. I have used my project management knowledge and experience throughout all phases of work, from day one, to construct and manage the project. It went on to arrange for the project charter, project plan, project milestones, and finally to set the internal system and bylaws of “Baitna”. After dedication and commitment; orphans now have a home and a second family to live in a respectful environment. “Baitna” empowers the mentally challenged orphans through proving several workshops(agriculture, cooking, handcrafts…), and allow them to reflect their hidden potentials and talents.

  • Any advice and recommendation you can give to other project managers

    Always refer and apply PMI Talent Triangle; it enhances and improves your global understanding to project management and points out your missing knowledge areas. One of its critical parts is “Leadership” which involves several vital human skills; communication, conflict resolution, critical thinking, active listening and others. PMBOK is about continuously learning and thus giving you the ability to always grow and improve.

Naji Chelala