Ralph Yaacoub

Current Role: Project Manager and Deputy Area Manager at World Vision in Lebanon

Academic and Professional Credentials: Master in Business Administration, Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Project Management Professional

PMI Lebanon Chapter Member: since July 2019

Domain / Industry Knowledge/Sector expertise: Water Resource Management, Solid Waste Management, Humanitarian Action and Development

Testimonial:Ever since I became a member of the PMI Lebanon Chapter in 2019, I attended every single monthly talk! Some topics were not interesting at first, or relevant to my area of expertise. However, I easily extracted value from them, since they were an exceptional opportunity to venture into themes that I would not have otherwise explored, like banking secrecy in Lebanon, as well as FATCA and CRS regulations. Thank you PMI Lebanon Chapter for this opportunity and I look forward to participating in the upcoming talks and events!

Ralph Yaacoub