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2023 Monthly Talks

January 2023 – Enabling the Power of Data and Analytics In Project Management by Marcus Glowasz

March 2023 – Digital Transformation, innovation, systems thinking: implication for project management by Jacques Bekaev

2022 Monthly Talks

November 2022 – Modern learner and Modern Training with application to Project Management by Joseph Abboud

October 2022 – Practical health and fitness by Rawad Mansour

September 2022 – Power Management Energy Efficiency & Sustainability by Dr Charbel Merheb

August 2022 – Information Security in Project Management by Dr Andre Gholam

June 2022 – Decision Making in Practice by Greeta Kelzi

May 2022 – Lean in High Uncertainty Context by Dr. Mira Thoumy Ghanem

April 2022 – Innovative Minds

March 2022 – Improve Productivity with a Resilient Mindset by Darine Amhaz

January 2022 – Making the World a Better Place Through Project Management by Deanna Landers

2022 Professional Development Series

July PDD - Neuroscience for Project Success why People behave as They Do by Carole Osterweil

July PDD - PMI 4.0 Strategy by Michael O'Connor

July PDD - Value Added PM Tools / What Are You Using by Lee R Lambert

2021 Monthly Talks

December 2021 – Active Listening by Dr Claude Khalil

November 2021 – Change Management Workshop by Mr. Deji Ishmael

October 2021 – Financial Project Management with Elie Saad

September 2021 – 2021 and Beyond…… 5 Disruptive Trends in Project Management with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

August 2021 – Open Your Eyes to Your Blind Spots with Amany Nuseibeh

July 2021 – In Search of Benefit from Our Projects with Mustafa Hafizoglu

June 2021 – Remote Karaoke - Let's Elevate Our Project Management Technology Y Quotient - PMTQ with Priya Patra

May 2021 – Fantastic Tools and Where to Find Them by Fabio Rigamonti and Simona Bonghez

April 2021 – Introduction to the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition by Greta Blash

March 2021 – The Neuroscience of Effective Leadership by Mr. Spencer Horn

February 2021 – Human Side of Project Economy by Mr Thomas Walenta

January 2021 – The Courageous Sponsor with Annie Sheehan

2021 November Conference

Strengthen your Brand Workshop by Mr. Spencer Horn

THE BUTTERFLY PRINCIPLE: Transitioning to the 'new normal' by Dr. Claude El Nakhel Khalil

Results Focused Approach to Project Management by Mr. Deji Ishmael

2021 Professional Development Series

Data Driven Project Management

Humanitarian Crisis and Responses in Lebanon

Innovative Technologies and Their Impact on Project Management

Blockchain as a Project Management Tool

When Communication Puts your Project On the Edge

Project Management in EPC Contracts

2020 Monthly Talks

November 2020 – Disruption—Triple Enablers for Success with Deji Ishmael 

October 2020 Covid-19 and Global Project Management by Dr Deepa Bhide 

September 2020 Embrace and Emerge Leading through Crisis with Fahad Ahmed, PMP 

July 2020 A Growth Mindset with Robert Heath, Sr. 

June 2020 Women in Project Management Leadership. Promoting Diversity with Cecilia Boggi, MBA, PMP 

May 2020 I.D.E.A Model by Karin Hurt and David Dye 

May 2020 Own the Ugly by Karin Hurt and David Dye 

May 2020 Courageous Cultures by Karin Hurt and David Dye 

May 2020 – Inspiring Innovation by Karin Hurt and David Dye 

April 2020 Project Management in the Digital Transformation Era with Greta Blash, PgMP, PMP

March 2020 What is Disciplined Agile? with Greta Blash, PgMP, PMP 

February 2020 Challenges of a PM in the Context of Enterprise Software Development Architecture with André Zein

January 2020 Is Banking Secrecy Real? Implementing transparency requirement in the banking sector with Wael Saikaly 

2020 Professional Development Series

December 2020 - Team Agility with Raymond El Khoury
Document: Team Roles in a Nutshell
Meeting Recording
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December 2020 - Leadership and Management with Jihad Abou Zeid
Meeting Recording
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December 4 -  Improve the Individual performance of your team with Zeina Boukheir
Document: Managing Teams and Self Presentation
Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: ********

December 17 - Year End Monthly Talk Putting Concept into Action and Experience Sharing by Participants with Jennifer Tharp
Document: Putting it all together - Jennifer Tharp

2019 Monthly Talks

December 2019 I, project manager, The rise of artificial intelligence in the world of project management with Hani Hmede

November 2019 – Insurance Policies in Projects with Rima Antonios

October 2019  PMI LC 50th Anniversary MT and Celebration 2019 with Sarah Issa and Bruna Elias

September 2019  Building a Breakthrough Mindset for the UN Global Goals

August 2019  PMILC participated in 45 Hours of community service at “Bonheur du Ciel”

August 2019  Maximizing Profitability through Project Quality Assurance: Designing and Implementing Projects Audit KPI Tool with Jad Abou Ibrahim

July 2019  Coaching and Soft Skills: The Missing Link in Project Management

May 2019  Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain: Revolution or Hoax

April 2019  Leading Millenials in a Project Context

March 2019  To Know Unknowns: Importance of Project Risk Management (PRM)

February 2019  So You Think You Know the "Code"?

January 2019  Values Applying Emotional Intelligence Concepts in a Project Environment

January 2019  Behavioral styles 2019 Applying Emotional Intelligence Concepts in a Project Environment

January 2019  Acting like a Chump Applying Emotional Intelligence Concepts in a Project Environment