Chapter's History

The origins of our Chapter go back as far as 2003 and are connected to our “sister” Chapter PMI Belgium. Around that time, a small group of PMI Belgium Chapter members in Luxembourg thought it would be great to have a local PMI presence and events taking place in Luxembourg. That was when Zoom didn’t exist, and web conferencing was still in its infancy. Several local evening events were organised in 2004 and 2005. With that, the idea of the local PMI presence in Luxembourg was gaining support, and the “Luxembourg Section” was formally launched in January 2006 - which was fully supported by the Board of PMI Belgium. 

From 2007 onwards, the Luxembourg Section organised four events per year, together with regular participation in the annual Congrès Gestion de Project (Project Management Congress). 

The Luxembourg Section enjoyed a great deal of autonomy. Over time, it became evident that a separate PMI Chapter in Luxembourg would be better positioned to serve the local PM community. The application for a separate PMI Luxembourg Chapter was submitted, again with the full support of PMI Belgium, in early 2010 and subsequently approved by PMI. The Luxembourg Chapter was incorporated in May 2010, but it was officially “born” in April 2012 when the Chapter Charter was signed. 

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The Chapter faced some challenging times and was put “on probation” in 2014/2015. But we made it through stronger than ever. In 2015 the Chapter fully restarted its activities with a newly elected Board of Directors. With member count below 70 in 2016, we targeted 5% growth but achieved more than 40% growth! In 2017, the member count passed 100 members and went to 150, reaching 200 in 2018. Since 2020 the Chapter has had a stable member base ranging from 210 to 225 depending on the time of the year. In the past six years, our retention rate has been steady - above 80% - which is one of the highest in the region. We also boast one of the highest volunteer rates. 

Diversity is another area where our Chapter is scoring. Our members come from various countries and have diverse professional backgrounds. This is also true for the Board of Directors. Additionally, several positions in the Board of Directors are held by women.

If you’re a member - thank you for being a part of our story. We sincerely hope your Chapter membership brings you the value we are aiming for. If you’re not – you are most welcome to join our community and enjoy the benefits it offers in the form of amazing events aimed at professional and personal development, networking and meeting great people, volunteering opportunities and much more.