Companies in Luxembourg increasingly use Agile to achieve tangible project results

02 October 2019

After the success of the first survey about the level of adoption of Agile by companies in Luxembourg in 2017, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Luxembourg Chapter and PwC Luxembourg joined forces once again for a second research edition this year. The results of the 2019 survey, uncovering the extent of Agile adoption by Luxembourg’s multi-cultural companies today, as well as in Croatia and Poland for comparison reasons, were presented in an event that gathered close to 100 diverse participants representing most of the sectors of the country’s business mosaic.

According to the findings of the 2019 survey, seven out of ten (73%) companies in Luxembourg perceive Agile more as a state of mind, a philosophy that can be used to lever both creation and innovation, rather than a simple project application methodology for software development. Despite the fact that one out of three (34%) organisations are still in the experimentation level of adopting it today, Mr. Thierry KREMSER, Partner at PwC Luxembourg, stated that: “in the survey, we observe several interesting improvements in the adoption of Agile, which is gaining greater visibility at all levels of organisations and is no longer considered an experimental approach for a few innovation projects”.

Nevertheless, integrating Agile within the organisations’ business lines seems to be the biggest challenge of companies in the coming 2-3 years. Mr. Nassos KARAGEORGIADIS, Director of Marketing & Communication of the PMI Luxembourg Chapter and Project Manager of the “How Agile are Companies” survey project, quoted that: “although Luxembourg companies consider they are ready to adopt the agile methodology, misalignment with business practices when implementing it has been recorded”. In order to scale-up Agile, companies in Luxembourg need to overcome barriers rooted in their work culture by further development of their people through investing in training and coaching.

It has to be noted that the survey revealed that the level of adoption of Agile in Luxembourg is comparable to the progress recorded in Croatia and Poland, even though many differences exist in the overall business characteristics.

After the presentation of the most significant results of the survey, a panel of experts on the topic, from several Luxembourg organizations and sectors, participated in a vivid and dynamic dialogue, sharing their own experiences in Agile implementation and the transformation journey. The exchange continued during a networking cocktail; experiences were shared and connections created.

You can download the full report here.

You can download the slides' deck of the event here.

The event's speakers and panelists - from left to right: Nissa HANAFI (Advisor, PwC Luxembourg), Francesco BRUSCELLA (Head of Operational Development & Incubator, KNEIP), Katerina TSOUPINAKI (Corporate & Project Governance / QA Director, Intrasoft International), Nassos KARAGEORGIADIS (2019 Agile Survey Project Manager, PMI Luxembourg), Richard WOODHAM (Senior Project Manager, Synermesh), Mathieu WEBER (VP Strategy & Corporate Development, Cargolux), Luca Barbazza (Senior Project Manager, European Stability Mechanism), Renaud CHAPELLIER (Head of Group IT, Landewyck), Laurent PETITCOLAS (Head of Projects & Organisation, Foyer), Thierry KREMSER (Partner, PwC Luxembourg)

speakers panel