GDPR settling in

03 June 2019

Nearly one year has passed since GDPR has been part of our digital lives, and so many things have already changed as its direct or indirect results. What is the current level of maturity though? How are customers, professionals and industries facing the challenges derived by the regulation?

On Tuesday 30 April 2019, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Luxembourg Chapter organised an event dedicated to GDPR, in collaboration with EY Luxembourg.

The event "Privacy by Design", open to both members and guests for the first time, reflected on how GDPR has been bringing an added value to organisations in the one year since its implementation. In this context, speaker EY Manager Alejandro DEL RIO, an expert in cybersecurity, discussed the current level of GDPR maturity and how customers, professionals and industries have been facing the challenges derived by the regulation. He, moreover, offered an opportunity to examine the maturity level of those present, not only on GDPR but also on the differences between “Privacy by Default” and “Privacy by Design” and how these two different approaches can change the impact on managing projects.

Privacy by Design is an approach taken when creating new products, services, technologies and systems. It means that the product is designed with privacy as a priority, along with whatever other purposes the product serves. Privacy by Default, on the other hand, means that once a product or service has been released to the public, the strictest privacy settings should apply by default, without any manual interaction from the end user.

The subsequent Q&A session attracted many questions from the audience. Such interest seemed to prove the fact that projects and processes are becoming increasingly impacted by privacy regulation. Consequently, privacy should be embedded as an important element in the planning phase of any project and followed closely during its entire life cycle.

privacy by design