PM Fair 2020, the digital fair: Black Swans and Unknown Unknowns. Opportunity? Or threat?

Black Swans and Unknown Unknowns

PMI Belgium in conjunction with PMI Netherlands and PMI Luxembourg Chapters organise a digital congress, from Monday the 28th of September, through to, and including, Saturday the 3rd of October. The 2020 digital PM Fair will debate with its participants on the current challenging situation: ‘Opportunity? Or threat?’

Registrations are now open!

Project management professionals that will succeed in these times will have the right mindset; they will adapt rapidly to unforeseen challenges, they will see, or create, opportunities and they will evolve faster than their competitors, to deliver value adding projects, to make a difference.

The intention is to offer morning ‘coffee time’ sessions, along with lunch time opportunities, and additional sessions in the early or late evening, thereby maximising the possibility for our members to participate, either in live webinars, or by accessing recorded sessions. So, save the dates and join us in this unique opportunity to challenge your thinking, broaden your horizons, receive insights and alternative views and put together the wheels in motion to help create the ‘Project Managers of the future’ in our region.

More information and details can also be found on the PM Fair Website and on the LinkedIn page

You can see the program of the congress and register to the sessions either on our events calendar or by following the link: