Business Continuity, Project Management and back to work in the Covid-19 Crisis

June 19 - Business Continuity, Project Management

The Partners of EY Luxembourg and PMI Chapter Luxembourg have the pleasure of inviting you to attend our webcast dedicated to the wider Project, Program and Portfolio Management Community, focused on Business Continuity, Project Management and back to work in the Covid-19 Crisis.

The webcast will be a panel discussion with speakers from EY and the local industry and business world. We will shed light on how companies in Luxembourg dealt with business going into the crisis, how they adapted to a new norm, and how this will influence the future way of working. We will explore how companies handled the switch to home-office from a digital pov as well as leadership perspective, how did companies (re-)define strategies and align activities and project portfolios to the new normal, and how project teams collaborated to do creative problem solving in these remote working conditions.

We will explore the changing role of project management and how risk management can make a difference in the recovery of our economy.

Karel Slajs, Associate Partner at EY, will moderate the webcast. Speakers will be Alejandro del Rio, Manager, Data Protection and IT Security at EY, Saskia Van Dyck, Senior Project Manager at Goodyear and president of the PMI Luxembourg Chapter, and , CEO of the House of Entrepreneurship.

Event Details

Date & Time

19 June 2020

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Germany Standard Time+01:00)