Explore Disciplined Agile “From the field”

The PMI Northern Italy Chapter is organising a set of three webinars specifically designed for newcomers to Disciplined Agile and the new 2020 version of the DA toolkit “Choose Your Wow” with DA Champions and Founders.

  • Fabio Rigamonti, DA Champion, PMI Northern Italy Chapter
  • Jean-Yves Klein, DA Champion, PMI France Chapter
  • Andy Burns, DA Champion, PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter

The webinar is pre - recorded.

Questions from participants are collected at email address [email protected] until June 28 2020. They will be answered during the live third webinar in a Q&A session with Disciplined Agile Founder.

Event Details

Date & Time

25 June 2020

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Germany Standard Time+01:00)




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