PMFair 2021| Scaling-up Individual Climate Action to Make a Major Contribution to Reducing Global Climate Change - how Program Management best practice can help

Recent flooding in Belgium reminds us that Climate Change is already with us.

The Aug 2021 IPCC report tells us that it's "Code Red for Humanity", we have caused Climate Change and we must act quickly to prevent it getting a lot worse. Top down, government led action is essential but I don’t think sufficient. Bottom up, personal Climate Action will also be important to drive global emission reductions.

Rather than being “ad-hoc” and ineffective, bottom up climate action should be guided by best practices including benefits management. Good initiatives are underway, but it will be necessary to scale up by many orders of magnitude to make the required difference. This presentation explains how this could happen and how the attendees could help.

About PM Fair 2021

For more than 20 years, PMI Belgium has held an annual congress, the ‘PM Fair’, where prominent speakers of national and international reputation are invited to share their experiences and recent developments and future trends in the field of project management. This popular event is attended by over 200 PMI members, sponsoring organizations and other enthusiasts of the project management profession.

Building on last year’s successful extension of the event to become the international Benelux PM Fair, we are pleased to announce the 2021 PM Fair with the participation of the chapters of Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Belgium. Going virtual enables us to extend the existing wonderful relationship among the different chapters and to expand our potential audience to over 2000 members. Last year’s event taught us that this was a successful cooperation which we want to maintain and improve. The circumstances did change in comparison with last year and that’s why we will approach this year’s event two-sided:

  • Firstly, we plan central live online sessions for 4 days ( Monday through Thursday ).
  • Secondly, We would like to invite our Belgian members to a live event on Friday the 08th October. The sessions in our main room will also be live streamed online (you can register for them) and on top of that we will have some interesting break out sessions for our people present in the venue (these sessions won't be live streamed or recorded) of course there will be lots of time to finally network again with friends and colleague project managers. Drinks, lunch and an evening reception are included (with respect to the covid measures in place at the time of the event). This year we welcome you in the Africa Museum located in Tervuren (easy access by public transportation and by car) 

Please visit our PMFair 2021 website at for the latest updates and information.

Event Details

Date & Time

7 October 2021

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM (GMTUTC)



Virtual Event