Resilience Week: The flaws of project management in uncertain times

Resilience Week

We are experiencing in our every-changing business world, the need of building resilience and the capability to adjust quickly to change.

PMI Luxembourg Chapter has the pleasure to invite you to a week on the topic "Resilience: Thriving through Uncertainty and Change"!

Are you interested in Change Management, resilience in projects and other methodologies?

While COVID-19 has provoked the immediate need for resilience and change for businesses and individuals, we have to embrace and be open to transformation now and into the future. Would you like to learn more about change management, but you are not sure where to start? Do you want to learn more about how your organization could be resilient in times of uncertainty and change ?

Join us from 3rd till 7th of May and find out more!

We have brought together experts and experienced professionals to help you on your journey, in five different online sessions, one session each day!

Access links to the specific sessions will be sent to all registered participants. If you have any questions about the event, contact us at [email protected].

Friday 7 May:

Topic: The flaws of project management in uncertain times

With the first versions of project management methodologies (end eighties) was expected those “best/good practices” will improve project reliability. But the VUCA environment and pace of crises and changes created awareness that the world becomes more complex.

How to cope with this inherent complexity as project manager in times of fast succeeding issues with variating unpredictable impact?

Are those practices still sufficient? Will there be some other skillset needed? What about system thinking? What is system thinking in a project management context. How can system thinking help us to get the necessary insights to make projects resilient or help organisations to enhance maturity and develop the needed capabilities to become more resilient?

Speaker’s Bio: 

Alain Grijseels is now consultant at strategical level.

Former PM and Chief Technologist in large IT projects, COO in fast evolving company active in IT insourcing projects, CIO in two major organizations, Director CIO advisory at KPMG. Acted as guest speaker at numerous major national and international events.

As PMP/PMI and Prince II certified professional Alain lead major projects as PM and coached multiple project and program teams in very complex technology bound projects. At this moment he is active as lead consultant in the setup and management of a PMO in a large impact public sector organization in the Brussels Region with programs in various domains.

Laurent Janssens, is consultant in risk management and lecturer in this domain. Laurent is also interim manager combining programme management skills with IT direction, change or process management ones. He helped several organizations to recover from failing projects and is pleased to provide advice or recovery your project on this matter. Laurent provides also project coaching and mentoring.

Beside those activities, he is also busy with (IT) sustainability and promote digital/It savviness inside Boards. He is also a founding member of Be Systemic! , a think-tank promoting system thinking.


Monday 3rd:

12:00-13:00 - Why Project Managers need Adaptive Capacity in Changing Times?
Our speaker: Gerry Murray - Founder of "Wide Circly" and "The paradox Coaching Academy"

Tuesday 4th:

12:00-13:00 - Impact of sleep on your performance during changes
Our speaker: Claudine Drees - Founder of "Sleepcompass" and "InnerCompass"

Wednesday 5th:

12:00-13:00 - How to tame the uncertainty and build organizational and individual resilience to face the constant and rapid changes?
Our speaker: Michèle Longpré - Executive Director at "Gordian Management"

Thursday 6th:

13:00-14:00 - Relax! 6 steps to overcoming resistance to change in your project!
Our speaker: Patrice Wellhoff - Founder of Key Partners

Friday 7th:

12:00-13:00 - The flaws of project management in uncertain times
Our speaker: Laurent Janssens - Programme Manager and Lecturer and Alain Grijseels - Freelance strategy consultant "GDG CONSULT"

Event Details

Date & Time

7 May 2021

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CET+01:00)




PDUs will be offered to PMI members.