Building a PM Community on LinkedIn

As a Chapter, we’ve been active on social media for some time. For obvious reasons, LinkedIn is the social media platform where we have the most followers. You might or might not know that in addition to the Chapter LinkedIn page, there is also a Chapter Group on LinkedIn. We have to admit that we had been neglecting the Group a bit in the past, leaving it up to its own destiny for the most part. And the Group had been living its own life, growing the membership base quietly, which has in the meantime reached 1.030 members (as of the time of writing).

If you follow the Group, you will know that it’s quite a lot going on in terms of posting activity but without it being actively managed. However, that is about to change! We decided to re-launch the Group as a space where anyone interested in project, program and portfolio management is welcome to discuss and share their views on these topics, keep themselves informed (and inform others) of events related to project management in and around Luxembourg. Our goal is to build an active PM community where anyone can contribute and learn from others.

Join the PM Community on LinkedIn

So far, most of the Chapter communication and events have been focused on the anglophone audience. That is also something that we would like to tackle within the LinkedIn Group. Luxembourg is a diverse place, and the primary language of many professionals, including those working in project management, is French. And, so we are aiming to become more inclusive and also involve the francophone audience in the Group discussions.

To follow through with this, we have appointed our long-time volunteer, Giovanni Cantoro, to be the Chief Community Manager. As you can imagine managing a LinkedIn community with so many members can be a daunting task and we are looking for volunteers who would like to support Giovanni in this role. If you feel like this is something you might be interested in, please contact us.

To maintain the group’s high-quality content and keep discussions enjoyable for everyone, we have set up a code of conduct. It includes a relatively small set of rules that are standard in the social media environment and which should help us ensure that the interactions are conducted in an atmosphere of respect and professionalism. An important part of the rules concerns posts that are considered spam. In particular, the limit on advertisements will be one of the most transforming rules for the Group: Ads will only be allowed if they are related to the theme of the group and only on Mondays. By this, we hope to create more space for meaningful interactions between the group members while also giving enough space for promotion for commercial activities of the Group members. You can read the full rules here.

To conclude (and we hope you´ve managed to read up to this point), let us just say that there is no community without the active involvement of its members. If you are not yet a Group member, we invite you to join and help us revitalize the community that will benefit all the members. You can do so e.g. by starting a discussion, sharing your opinion, informing the Group about an interesting event or just simply introducing yourself. We are inviting you to make yourself heard! For our part, we are excited that we managed to get this initiative off the ground and will do our best to enable this community to grow, not just in terms of member count but in terms of quality conversations. We really hope you will enjoy the ride!

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Header Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash