Leaving But Not Really

Saskia Van Dyck and Nassos Karageorgiadis have successfully handed over their roles on the Board to their successors. Committed volunteers as they are, they will continue supporting the Chapter.

Saskia has taken up the role of the Associate Director of Corporate Outreach. Her role is to drive membership and sponsorship growth for the Chapter by increasing the visibility of PMI and the Chapter and building and maintaining win-win relations with organisations in Luxembourg. She will be responsible for developing a strategy and implementing programs that form sustainable partnerships and yield mutual benefits for organisations. Benefits include promotion of the profession of PM, improved awareness of the full benefits of PMI and Chapter membership, increased scope of PMI membership from traditional project managers to all change-makers of tomorrow.

Saskia Van Dyck and Nassos Karageorgiadis

Having volunteered for the Chapter for many years, Saskia has a good understanding of the value proposition of PMI and the Chapter to the community, organisations, and individuals. Her focus will be on connecting expanded communities through targeted engagement. She will explore organisations' needs and pain points and propose solutions to how PMI and/or the Chapter can meet this opportunity. This involves participating in round-table discussions at the executive level on strategic topics, targeted workshops, creating communities of practice within and across organisations, tailored exclusive events, and much more.

You can reach Saskia at [email protected].

Nassos took up the role of Associate Director / European Chapter Collaboration Liaison to the European Chapter Collaboration.

The European Chapter Collaboration (ECC) is an initiative that allows PMI chapters in Europe to come together and leverage each other's efforts and expertise. As chapter leaders across Europe work on similar projects, a unified approach benefits the chapter leaders, their members, and other stakeholders. The ECC allows chapters to minimise efforts and maximise benefits. (You can read more about ECC here: http://pmiecc.org/about).

Nassos will be acting as the contact point between the Chapter and the ECC Implementation Team. He will be representing the Chapter in all ECC activities and serve as the link between participating Chapters. One of his missions will be to propose projects and initiatives on behalf of the Chapter and participate in other running ECC activities as a team member or even lead their implementation. The experience he gained over the years in his leadership position at the Chapter will surely be a great asset for his new role, which requires a strong understanding of the strategic focus of the Chapter and its peculiarities.

Nassos will also continue supporting the Marketing & Communication team and lead the Agile Survey project that he started a few years ago.

You can reach Nassos at [email protected] or [email protected] (for matters related to ECC).