PMI Strategy, Change Makers, Impacts on Society (Part-II)

In this newsletter issue, we will focus on the broad PMI offer in terms of learning and certifications.

PMI learning framework addresses 3 main areas (Figure 1); the "Way of Working" with certifications and learning to support the "Technical Project Management" skill development. The "Change Management" areas to strengthen "Leadership" and soft skills, but also more "Contextual" resources to address the "Strategic & Business Management" knowledge. This area is designed to enable each organization and chapter member to succeed in their challenges, providing guidance and support enabling individuals to maintain and acquire the relevant skills, knowledge and capabilities needed through their career.

Talent Triangle 

Figure 1: PMI Learning Framework

PMI is evolving its product portfolio to address the different needs, with Agile and Waterfall certifications, Digital Learning, but also offering Events and virtual experiences.

Based on the need of the individuals (youth, change makers, change managers), Professionals or Enterprises, the PMI product portfolio offers a broad and digitalised encyclopaedia tools, frameworks, and certification to address the needs at all levels of seniority.

PMI Expansion of Tools & Framework

Figure 2: PMI Expansion of Tools & Framework

In Figure 3 we can sew how PMI Portfolio addresses the learning and development with five main areas (Certifications, Digital Learning, Standards, Membership, Events) for continuous learning of each individual and professionals.

PMI Product Offerings

Figure 3: PMI Product Offerings

Exploring more in detail the certification portfolio, we can see how those certifications address the practitioner's need across the seniority spectrum figure 4. While figure 5 we have an overview of the Agile vs Waterfall Portfolio certifications available.

PM Certification Framework

Figure 4: PMI Certification Framework enabling practitioners to grow thought-out their career journey

Project Management Certifications

PMI knows how important it is to set yourself apart, how much your career means to you. Your professional standing. Your credibility. Those capabilities can be the difference between getting the job, or not. It can raise your visibility, and highlight your competency like being the start of a whole new chapter in your professional story.

That’s why PMI spent decades perfecting our suite of eight certifications, which are and remain the global standard.

PMI Certification Portfolio

Figure 5: PMI Certification Portfolio

Agile Project Management Certifications

PMI Agile certifications span beyond any single approach, it is about tailoring your way of working to your unique situation, because true agility comes from freedom, not frameworks.

Each team has its own ways of working. Yet, you stick to a widely used framework or one of the numerous agile approaches out there. Sure, a framework can help, but the smartest path forward often borrows thinking from several. That’s where Disciplined Agile® can help.

ACP: PMI Agile Certified practitioner

DASM: Disciplined Agile Scrum Master

DASSM: Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master

DAVSC: Disciplined agile value stream consultant

DAC: Disciplined Agile Coach

AHMC: Agile-hybrid-micro-credential

Nicola Taglioli
Business Transformation