Positive Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Project Management

Abdelhalim Hafed - Positive Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis


During the COVID 19 Pandemic period, we can have noticed a lot of positive things reinforcing the project management:

People increased their knowledge and skills on project management as many training sessions have been attended, many certifications have been delivered.

The contribution of PMI and different chapters such as PMI Luxembourg Chapter is important for transferring and increasing skills with their multiple programs as well as their free shared content and training

Survey Study

Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Project Business Foundation have challenged many organizations and people to take a survey for research purposes.

The goal of the survey is to help both organizations and our communities better understand the impact of the virus on project management.

The survey was sent to 10,000 random people from PMI’s database via an email invitation to participate. An invitation to take the survey was also posted on several social media sites.

Responses were collected for approximately three weeks from 12 April through the start of May 2020, a time when the COVID-19 crisis was initially peaking in various countries.

From observations and opinions to a reliable data

The result of the survey study has replaced observations and opinions with reliable data.

It permits us to better understand the current challenges for contracted project professionals and their clients and explains why this survey is so important to highlight the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis on Project management, Business management and Contract management.

Survey Study result

The study finds an impact on project management; however, here we’ll highlight the positive effects.

Gathered data and comments confirm some positive findings:

Business transformation projects contribute significantly to create opportunities, and the projects’ performance has been positively impacted during this crisis period.

Impacts on Project Business

More companies are now investing in and building on-premise and cloud infrastructures for remote work. The need is present to enforce security policies and secure privacy information to let their business run remotely as normal as possible.

Some of them have taken laws permitting their employees to work remotely, other they offered solutions letting them working from the house efficiently.

 « At the same time, the pandemic has raised questions about what our employees can expect in the future, so we provided some guidance this week to employees on our thinking about work flexibility. Moving forward, it is our goal to offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual work styles while balancing business needs and ensuring we live our culture. », Kathleen Hogan, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Microsoft.

« Our guidance is to help employees plan ahead for the future. For now, returning to many of our offices around the world is still optional for employees, except for essential onsite roles. », Kathleen Hogan, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Microsoft.

A long list of big companies tries to improve the skills of their employees to work and participate in meetings from home.

Many tools have been developed and reviewed to make them more applicable for sharing online, where the employees are distributed geographically.

The digital environment has increased the effectiveness and availability more than ever before by reducing costs and charges on business project management.

Freelancers reported a positive impact of the COVID-19 crisis on project business in their organizations.

People attended and asked for training and certifications during the pandemic period more than ever. PMI is offering e-learning courses and an Online Proctored Testing option for candidates to take the PMP exam and other certification exams online from their office or home.

Many companies are offering multiple free of cost training helping people to upgrade their skills.

People are having the opportunity to increase their network and partnerships as it’s essential for building relationships and sharing knowledge.

Project Management post COVID

New health and sanitary protocols, procedures, and processes will need to be implemented in many on-site projects.

New management styles and methods will need to be adapted, including COVID 19 people experiences.

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