The PMI Talent Triangle is Updated

The PMI Talent Triangle is Updated



As project professionals prepare to adapt to future changes that are coming more than ever before, PMI is updating the foundational knowledge of project management with the triangle's three new skill categories.


In our ever-changing world, leaders and professionals need to be more agile and flexible in order to survive by managing change and creating impact.

To ensure that Leaders and Professionals are ready for reality, PMI has updated the skills triangle in May 2022 to allow them to be more adapted and more efficient in terms of skills and prerequisites.

The Updates

To make it easier for project management professionals to adapt to this fast-paced and changing world and to prepare for a future that is coming faster than ever, the PMI Skills Triangle has been updated as following:

Working Methods: Formerly Technical Project Management;

Power Skills: Formerly Leadership;

Business Acumen: Formerly Strategic and Business Management.

Working methods:

There is a multitude of ways of working to achieve results, Agile, Predictive, Hybrid and so on. PMI encourages professionals to master and exploit the most effective and appropriate method according to the different situations to arrive quickly and obtain winning results.

'The PMI Talent Triangle acts as a framework for the combination of skills that organizations value most—a skill set inclusive of different disciplines and practices.', Michael DePrisco, Interim President & CEO at PMI [3].

Power Skills:

Project Management Professionals must have additional interpersonal skills other than collaborative leadership, such as communication, innovative mindset, empathy and others needed to interact with different stakeholders in order to lead changes smoothly.

Business Acumen:

Professionals at all levels must cultivate effective decision-making and understand how their projects generally align with broader organizational strategy and global trends.


The success of projects requires that project management professionals surround themselves with a constantly evolving set of skills to deal with the various shortcomings and constraints encountered in carrying out their work. PMI undertakes to provide them with all the necessary means to keep them always ready and up to date to face the various challenges.


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Abdelhalim Hafed, PMP®, SMC, OCP, ACE
Project Management Director