Transformation for a Post-Covid-19 World

Transformation for a Post-Covid-19 World Abdelhalim HAFED


Certainly, the COVID-19 crisis has left a significant impact on the plans of several companies, but it has also allowed many change makers to use their learning and put them into reality in 2021. 

Many projects saw delays in the year 2020 but not failures; most of them were resumed in 2021.

Survey Study
PMI surveyed a population of 7000 persons, and 1750 business leaders in seven countries (Australia, India, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United States and the United Kingdom) shows that most of them were able to overcome the difficulties and obstacles encountered in 2020 by adopting agility, and they would use what they learned as reality in 2021.

Survey Study result

Transformation for a Post-Covid-19 World 1

Fig1. PMI Survey [2]

  • 40% of actors said they put creating/implementing a new product or service on hold during 2020;
  • 46% of the population said they put hiring new talent on hold during 2020;
  • 82% of players said they ran their business to the best of their ability;
  • 83% of actors said this year had prepared them for the future;
  • 86% of actors said this year's challenges had strengthened their teams;
  • 87% of executives were optimistic during this year about the future;
  • 93% of actors declared having put their projects on standby.
Transformation for a Post-Covid-19 World 2

Fig2. PMI Survey [2]

  • 79% of the population qualified 2021 as a year of recovery;
  • 86% of stakeholders ranked project management and leadership on the five priority areas for their business;
  • 86% of actors said they are ready to lead the change;
  • 86% of respondents said their organization is better positioned to adapt to new situations in 2021;
  • 87% of the actors said they are looking forward to bringing new concepts/ideas into action in 2021.

The new plan to Make Reality

  • 66% of respondents feel optimistic about their ability to be successful in 2021;
  • 72% feel optimistic about their company’s ability to be successful in 2021;
  • 73% of respondents plan to take an active role in driving change in 2021;
  • 86% of actors plan to work harder in 2021 to bring their good ideas to life.


“We hope to build on this sense of excitement and optimism with our Make Reality virtual hub,” Michael DePrisco, PMI Chief Operating Officer said. “We believe there’s a pent-up desire to make change and to have impact in all spheres of peoples’ lives – personal, professional, and in the realm of social good. Our goal is to give people the tools – and a bit of inspiration – to get started.”

Abdelhalim Hafed
Technical Manager / DBA Manager