Military Outreach

Program for preparing the U.S. military for project management careers – click for attachment


The men and women of the United States Armed Forces have served our country well. Over past decades, these men and women have demonstrated selfless service and faced a multitude of challenges during their personal transitions. Almost 350,000 personnel transition from active military service to veteran status each year¹. These highly qualified men and women are seeking civilian careers, but are either unaware of the jobs available or unable to translate their military experience into something meaningful to civilian employers.

PMI believes that service members and veterans have already performed project and program management, just utilizing military methods and terminology. Through PMI’s “Program for Preparing U.S. Military for Project Management Careers”, chapters can assist military personnel and veterans in obtaining rewarding civilian jobs, while enabling the civilian work force with high quality project professionals.


PMI’s goal with this initiative is to aid veterans, active duty military, Guard, Reserve, and their families to:

  • Join — Candidates who join PMI and their local chapter immediately become part of an active and supportive community of project professionals.
  • Qualify — Through PMI and local chapter membership, candidates gain access to professional development opportunities that help them prepare for a project management certification and search for a civilian job.
  • Certify — All of PMI’s certifications are approved for reimbursement under the GI Bill. Globally recognized and in demand by employers, PMI certification further supports the individual in their career development.
  • Place — Through mentorship from fellow PMI members, candidates receive the advice and support they need to take the next step in their career transition. Additionally, PMI’s job board offer extensive career support.


  • Membership in a global professional organization
  • Training and educational resources to support their career development
  • Certification application assistance and exam preparation for all certifications
  • Access to PMI’s career services and job board

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):