Emila Romagna

emilia romagna branch

The image that distinguishes the Emilia Romagna Branch is that of the ancient via Emilia, which embraces a territory extended from the province of Piacenza to that of Rimini. A territory rich in entrepreneurial skills and excellence, in which the prestigious names of companies from food & beverages to fashion and from automotive to shipbuilding are joined by a rich and dynamic fabric of competitive small and medium-sized enterprises that are attentive to innovation. These companies move in an international scenario, vast and variable, which is the optimal context for the Project Management Institute to make its methodologies known and to integrate with the corporate fabric.

The Emilia Romagna Branch, born in 2008 from a first group consisting of professional Project Managers, but above all from friends who are enthusiastic about spreading the Project Management skills in the area, is coordinated today by a team of 9 volunteers.

It aims to promote the dissemination of the culture of Project Management with themed events (Conferences, Workshops, Aperitifs with discussions and other initiatives), which promote networking and which highlight the interdisciplinary aspects of project management, addressing time in turn specific themes, mainly suggested by the members. With these events, the Branch also wants to foster the relationship between the world of industry, universities, public institutions and business associations.

Among the objectives of the Branch there is also the desire to offer a local meeting point to project management practitioners, where you can discuss and discuss issues of daily work, share experiences and also, why not, meet a group of friends, combining to this pleasure that of the palate.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meetings and events,

The team of volunteers from the Emilia Romagna Branch: Claudia Miani, Francesca Emiliani, Raffaella Boaretto, Francesco Campana, Marco Castaldini, Alessandro Guidetti, Maurizio Manicardi, Alessandro Monzani and Vincenzo Eustachio Nicoletti


To contact us, write to the email address [email protected]