Trentino Alto Adige

Overall, less than one million people live in this area, whose production activities are essentially concentrated in tourism and SMEs. There are excellent research centers, both in the ICT and agri-food fields (Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Fondazione Edmund Mach), which stimulate research and development, innovation and the start-up creation.

In January 2013 the 'Trentino Alto Adige / Südtirol' Branch was born, whose inauguration took place on May 10, 2013 during the event 'Planning the Change '.

The Branch is the result of a process started by a group of volunteers, which brings together professionals and skills differentiated by sector and company and which, thanks to continuous dialogue, promote growth and innovation by focusing on a new and complex technology: the person.

The theme of change management, placed at the center of the inaugural event, arises from the awareness that, especially in the current context, project management techniques represent a fundamental support for the innovation capacity of a territory. The ability of the project managers to confront, contaminate each other and evolve professionally to make an increasingly effective contribution to the growth of their territory and the country is fundamental.

The multidisciplinarity of the project manager's skills is an added value now necessary in all professional areas where it is necessary to guide a project.

The branch launch initiative was actively supported by Trentino Digitale (formerly Informatica Trentina) and Trentino Sviluppo .

On the basis of what was achieved with the first events, and around which the community of professionals and project management enthusiasts was built, the characteristics of the events were defined, aimed at promoting Project Management through the story of experiences of the various speakers, but also bringing insights on the various techniques and tools available to PMI members.

The events are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in the area, research centers and the university, with which they are working to bring the SME closer to the academic world, both for the various student study courses and for a greater opportunity when jumping into the world of work.

The promotion of the PMI, the illustration of the advantages to be part of it and in having one of the various professional certifications, means that the workers of the various companies, but also the students who will enter the world of work, can have an extra card for the their professional career.

Through the opportunities for meeting events, a professional network is being developed, useful for multiplying opportunities for the growth of professionals' skills in the area.

All activities are carried out according to that 'professional volunteering' which moves the action of all members of the PMI who carry out activities at the various national Chapters or Regional Branches.


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