Our Aim

As Branch Veneto we are committed to spreading the culture of project management on an enterprising, heterogeneous and resource-rich territory like ours. Our goal, in addition to encouraging networking among our members, is to share concrete and direct experiences as well as best practices made available by those who have achieved excellence in their areas of work.

Our Events


The flagship event of our Branch is definitely Planning: a journey to discover the "project" in the most varied areas and sectors, to see the different variations. Why does it stand out by designing? Diversity and concreteness, no academic cuts but personal experiences told by the project managers protagonists of the day.

The Raccontando are informal half-day events, focused on the deepening of a specific theme through the story by those who have an experience to share.

Progetti in Erba is instead a format developed for primary school to spread in a simple and incisive way the knowledge and practice of project management for children.

We are always looking for ideas and suggestions as well as topics of interest to be explored, so write to us or get in touch with us.

Contact: [email protected]