PMI-NIC | Light Up 360 - 2022 - Powered by PMI Austria, Budapest, Croatia, Northern Italy, Slovenia

Light Up 360 - 2022 is an online event marked by interesting presentations from the world of project management lasting 360 seconds about different topics:

  • Experiences, best practices and plans with hybrid Working Environment
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics for successful Project Management
  • How to lead projects hit by a natural catastrophe or disastrous geo-political situation
  • Actual trends in Social Responsibility Programs: Diversity and Inclusion; Increased Transparency Demand; Acting locally; Green Technology, etc.
  • Exploring this year’s Global Megatrends: Digital Disruption; Climate Crisis; Demographic Shifts; Economic Shifts; Labor Shortages; Civil, Civic and Equality Movements

Speakers: Various

Event Details

Date & Time

19 May 2022

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CET+01:00)


Virtual Event


0.5 Technical, 1.0 Leadership, 0.5 Strategic