The Water: A Precious Asset to be Preserved

For several years, water has been identified as one of the first 5 global risks identified by the Word Economic Forum, and requires to adopt urgent solutions The webinar aims to provide an overview on the EU policies, actions and funding on water management.

Water Security is a complex concept with a global impact.

Its definition is ambiguous but it concerns the availability of water for different purposes for urban areas, agriculture and industry.

However, this concept ranges from the protection of people's lives and properties from water-related disasters, due to the impact of climate change, to the basic role played by water for the preservation of ecosystems and the biodiversity. All this taking into account the socio-economic threats related to Water Security because water, for several years, was recognized in the top 5 global risks identified by the World Economic Forum, highlighting how urgent and extremely important is to address this global challenge.

The Webinar intends to provide an overview of the EU's policies, actions and funding regarding water management and its role in the priorities of the new European Commission, especially vis-à-vis the new European Green Deal.

Event Details

Date & Time

7 May 2020

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (GMTUTC)