Time Management and Smart Working Team Management

In a society that increasingly tends to erase borders and distances, thanks to the powerful means of communication with which it is equipped, it is now normal to conceive the so-called virtual teams. These are not groups of robots, but always groups of people, which make up for the lack of physical proximity to a remote connection. What changes? How to guarantee the development of factors such as the sense of belonging, empathy, interpersonal relationship? We will answer these and other questions during the study group. I use the plural, not in the form maiestatis, but because I will use facilitative methods, with which we will tend to combine knowledge and base the answers to those questions not only on theory, but also on your practical experience. If you thought about connecting, turn off the microphone and listen with only one ear, this is not the study group for you! Otherwise you are welcome to collaborate in the co-creation of a theory of virtual team management, simple, concrete and easily applicable.

Maximum 12 participants.

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Event Details

Date & Time

18 June 2020

3:30 PM - 6:15 PM (GMTUTC)