PMI-NIC | Turning Crises in Opportunities: Water Europe Strategic Management in the Waves of the Pandemic

Lobbying and advocating requires close interconnections and strong personal relationships to be successful inside and outside the organisations. But how to surf the wave of the crises when all changes?

The lesson we received from the Covid-19 crises tells us that organisation requires strong strategical management to address the devastating impact of crises such as the pandemic. Mutual trust should be baseline in organisations, and we need it to solve our problems. If we get better at trust, that will help us navigate everything else.


  • Setting the scene: where do we were 2 years ago;
  • Understanding the impact of the pandemic and how to manage it;
  • Recognizing the lesson learnt and planning for the future.

Speaker: Andrea Rubini

Event Details

Date & Time

24 March 2022

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM (CET+01:00)


Virtual Event


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