PM Notebook

The goal of “Project Notebook” is to share thoughts about project management.

Starting from experiences or inputs from our daily life, we invite you to send your stories, your feelings, your concerns and your ideas and we will post them on our website and on our LinkedIn group to create an active and virtuous community of professional development.

Send you story to [email protected].


This is a place for debating around 5 main themes:


Sometimes we face projects so complicated and troubled that they become real nightmares. Project issues that seem unsolvable, endless loops, situations with no way out, ungovernable tasks that keep us awake…

If we share this kind of experiences, and how we manage to solve them, we could be very helpful to other colleagues that maybe are in the same situation or can apply our technique, tailored to their context, to find new solutions to their problems and… finally get some rest!


Sometimes it happens that you figure out that your PM mindset and knowledge let you better understand a situation, even outside the work environment.

Catching up the dynamic in a conversation, take immediately the opportunity to speed up an activity, find a better way to connect with colleagues…

Sometimes we realize what just happened and take a note on our notebook to reuse or reflect about what we just learned. Why don’t you take a note on our PM Notebook, to be shared and be of inspiration for others?


Other people experiences always make us grow.

Often event the simple sharing of our own helps to, and so does inviting others to do it. No need for data, details, numbers, just a project, big or small, to inspire someone else. Different sectors, different contexts, different stories.


Have you ever find out that some daily situations, not strictly related to projects or either to work, are easier to manage if you apply your PM skills? Your agenda that need a more efficient way to be organized, volley team or friends in a conflict, lack of priorities in the apartment block meeting…

Project management is pervasive and their methodologies are suitable in plenty of different situations!

Let us know how and when you have been PM “out of your office”!


Sustainability is the PM’s compass. Project management is about sustainability, not only because a project lives only if it is sustainable, but also because projects shape the world we will live in.

In its economic, social and environmental declination, sustainability in projects can be expressed in the outcome (product or service), in management, in relationships, in technologies, everywhere! In this area, we collect thoughts about sustainable future, built today.