Nominations for the PMIWDC 2024-2026 Board of Directors

Please welcome the following individuals as candidates for the 2024 – 2026 Board of Directors.

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VP of Marketing and Communications


Atlee Jones-Presson             Tareka Wheeler

          Atlee Jones-Presson                                    Tareka Wheeler


VP of Partnership Management

Joseph Cruzjesu

           Joseph Cruzjesu


VP of Strategy and Governance

Amrita Bajwa                      Warren Beinart

        Amrita Bajwa                                                Warren Beinart


Chair- Elect

Michelle Leete

           Michelle Leete



  • Atlee Jones-Presson – Member ID - 6968174

    As a PMP, my expertise in planning and executing projects seamlessly aligns with communications and marketing dynamics, viewing campaigns as projects with specific goals and timelines. I've liaised with diverse stakeholders to align objectives, equipping me to manage marketing expectations across teams and audiences. My knack for risk management ensures forward-thinking campaign strategies, while my grasp of budgeting optimizes resources.

    My volunteering experiences on various association communications committees and as a PMI process coordinator have refined my communication strategies, emphasizing clear brand messaging. These roles have enhanced my understanding of the ever-evolving communications and marketing fields. Should I be nominated, I'm eager to blend my experiences with insights from current role-holders, promoting growth and innovation.

    When nominated, I'll be launching an expansive Social Media Revamp Initiative. My goal is a thorough digital presence analysis, generating unique content focusing on visuals, engagement, and community contributions. I'll emphasize community engagement, utilizing Q&As, influencer partnerships, and spotlighting team contributions. Guided by analytics, I'll ensure that strategies deliver value and are equipped with proactive crisis management.

    My roles at CACI International and AECOM, paired with my education from Old Dominion University in Organizational Leadership, further underpin my credentials. Through this comprehensive background, I aim to enhance our brand's digital community, grounding it in shared values.



    Tareka Wheeler - Member ID - 5467244

    I bring 20 years of experience in project and program management. My path to becoming a Project Manager was not traditional. I became certified in 2019 after making a big career pivot into management consulting. In 2017, I accepted a role as a Communications Manager and started to lead strategic communications for a federal project. After just one year, due to be exceptional performance, I was promoted to Deputy Project Director to provide oversight of all communications and IT efforts. In 2020, I was promoted again to Project Director led a communications centric project leading 21 FTEs and driving strategy for communication, outreach, and IT activities. Over the course of my career, I have worked across the private and public sector in health care, social impact, operations, project and program management, and communications. I have more than 15 years of experience in strategic communications, and leading strategy for social, digital, and traditional media efforts. My diverse experience and expertise in communications will allow me to bring a fresh perspective. If I am elected, I will develop a strategic communications plan that is inclusive and allows the Chapter to not only promote events and meetings, but to also provide substantive content and engagement opportunities current and potential members.

    I have a B.S. in Organizational Communications, and my PMP. I would love the opportunity to support the Board’s vision and to serve our Chapter membership through innovative, creative, and thoughtful leadership of our MarComm team!

  • Arockia “Joseph” Cruzjesu – Member ID - 4780482

    Joseph Cruzjesu is the current VP of Partnership in PMIWDC Chapter Board. He feels his current role is an extraordinary privilege to serve our Chapter, Chapter members, and industry clientele in bringing value and empowering high-impact community leaders through this high-energy role. Since post-COVID landscape has dramatically changed, Mr. Cruzjesu leveraged his leadership skills to aid the Partnership team resulting in investment and diversification of our Chapter client portfolios that is expectedly to yield sustained mutual dividends for many years to come. 

    In this exciting season of time in our Chapter, Mr. Cruzjesu’s strategy is to focus on advocating and incubating high-impact client partnerships through our Flagship Ambassadorial program that will enable, equip, and empower client-facing Chapter Ambassadors to “foster” relationship in order to identify niche requirements and meet them through our powerful Chapter platform, brand, image, and DMV presence.

    Mr. Cruzjesu has been in the federal government and private sectors for well over 2 decades and he participated in numerous proposals writing that resulted in successful business development and business expansion through organic growth to the tune of $9+ million. 

    Mr. Cruzjesu holds the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) specialized in Marketing / Advertisement / MIS. He also holds SAFe and Technology Business Management Executive certifications.

    His hobbies include Soccer coaching and playing, volleyball, ping pong, fishing, and hiking. He is a firm believer in the “golden rule”- Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.

  • Amrita Bajwa - Member ID - 4239102

    As an experienced SR Project Manager in PMO and IT organizations, I have dedicated myself developing innovative and impactful strategies. Currently, I’m an active AVP volunteer, which has given the opportunity to make meaningful and lasting contributions. I believe in the power of continuous improvement and am enthusiastic about the possibly of serving as the VP of Strategy & Governance for PMIWDC.

    Here are some key points that outline my vision and qualifications for the VP of Strategy and Governance role:

    Performance assessment and Realignment: I have successfully led and managed a variety of initiatives that have streamlined operations, optimized costs, and enhanced overall efficiency throughout my career. In my AVP role, I have been able to positively impact chapter operations, for example by streamlining and simplifying the process.

    Strategic Planning: I have a track record of developing and executing strategic plans that align with organizational goals and objectives. I will work closely with the chapter's leadership team to ensure that our strategic vision is clear, actionable, and focused on delivering value to our members.

    Governance Expertise: It’s important to prioritize accountability and compliance in order to deliver value. I will collaborate with the board to revise and maintain governance policies that uphold the highest standards.

    In conclusion, I continue to strive to drive strategic initiatives that enhance organizational effectiveness and am honored to have the opportunity to serve. My experience, coupled with my passions, positions me to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the chapter.


    Warren Beinart - PMI Member # - 5668246

    As AVP for Strategy & Governance, I work closely with the VP and committee reviewing current policies, procedures, and strategic documentation, developing plans to create new policies for the coming year.
    As incoming VP, I would like to see these new policies come into effect along with assisting the chair with strategy and governance decisions.

    As AVP I connected with other Functional Area VPs to understand their strategic plans. As VP, I would like to ensure that the goals they set are met, and we are forward thinking about how the chapter can position itself to grow and operate in the most efficient manner.

    I joined PMIWDC as a volunteer in 2019. Over the past four years I have seen what an amazing chapter we have, but with any large organization like ours, there is always room to improve and grow. As VP of Strategy and Governance I would like to move the needle and help ensure the chapter remains a leader within the greater PMI organization.

    In my professional life I am the PMO Director for BDO Specialty Services, managing resources and a portfolio of diverse projects, which very nicely complements the VP role I wish to undertake.

    Strategy and Governance should define how a chapter operates, working alongside the Chair to ensure the chapter runs smoothly. My goal as VP is to have a solid team to support our efforts and help the chapter shine. We can accomplish a lot with streamlined policies and clearly defined procedures.

  • Michelle Leete - PMI Member ID - 588801

    My PMIWDC volunteer experience began over 10 years ago as a volunteer on the Professional Development team. Since then, I’ve served in several roles and am currently leading the dedicated Strategy and Governance team. Some words I would use to describe my experience as a PMIWDC volunteer are wonderful, educational, and awe-inspiring. Over the last few years, the Strategy and Governance team has led initiatives to ensure the chapter’s annual operational plan is aligned with our 5-year strategic plan. In doing so, we’ve collaborated with PMIWDC functional area Vice Presidents. That collaboration has helped to ensure the chapter continues to build on its successes.

    Professionally, I am a Human Resource Information System Program Manager at a federal agency where I lead human capital programs and serve as the agency’s security officer for our enterprise HR system. Prior to joining the federal space, I worked as a Project Manager on Wall Street, managing financial projects. I’ve earned my BS in Computer an MBA in Strategic Leadership.

    My vision for the largest chapter in the world is to continue to grow the membership in size and scope while ensuring we develop the best and brightest project managers who are ready to take on any challenge. I am excited about continuing to lead the PMIWDC board while working alongside smart and dedicated professionals who give freely of their time and talents to ensure PMIWDC is not only a large chapter, but a thriving one that gives back to our membership and community at-large.