Aravindhan Rangarajan


I am seasoned information technology leader with professional experience in leading and managing technical teams. Since becoming a member of PMI and DC Chapter in 2010. I have been volunteering in various positions since 2012. I worked with other chapter leaders across various committees keeping members interest first. 

Currently being AVP of Technology, I have rolled out various strategic initiatives including but not limited to rolling out password management across IT applications, video editing tools to manage chapter’s social media contents. I have also made sure all these initiatives align with the vision and mission of the Chapter as well as strategic alignment with PMI Global strategy.

My team has been the key to roll-out the O365 for chapter volunteers to collaborate and communicate. I have also been a part of the data team to integrate Member data that is available in PMI’s Data store into Chapter’s CRM which helps the board member to increase engagement of membership.

Since volunteers are key to success of PMIWDC, I will ensure that volunteer voices and ideas are heard. With my 18 years of Technical Program Management Experience with required certifications for managing and implementing both cloud based and traditional in-house hosted solutions for small Non-Profits to Billion Dollar publicly traded companies will ensure our plans align with PMI’s 4.0 Strategy.