Bettina Ayers


As the current Vice President, Operations Services (Ops Svs), I oversee the administrative activities that support the operational functions of the chapter. I hold a PMP and have been volunteering with PMIWDC for a little over 3.5 years. My 25+ years project management experience started while in the military and continues in my current federal career.  Professionally, I work for the federal government managing administrative functions in program maturity, contracts, human resources, budget, and logistics.  

Since the time I have been in the Ops Svs, VP position, the functional area has grown to handle the major PMIWDC administrative functions. Subsections were created for contracts, process documentation and volunteer coordination that includes volunteer training, logistics and events coordination.  

During the last year, the Ops Services team worked with the Technology functional area to modernize, automate, and streamline PMIWDC administrative activities in all areas.  Streamlining the processes allows for effective and efficient transitions of volunteers into functional tasks making very little down time in functional areas.  The team also worked on organizing, standardizing, documenting, and tracking activities.

If you vote for me, Operations Services will continue working towards optimizing the administrative functions of PMIWDC. Operations Services will find innovative ways for PMIWDC’s administrative functions to support the operational areas.  Ops Svs will ensure administrative functions are streamlined, efficient and documented.   If elected, Ops Svs will build on the foundation that has been created over the last year and maximize current efficient opportunities.