Michelle Leete


My PMIWDC volunteer experience began over 10 years ago as a volunteer on the Professional Development team. Since then, I’ve served in several roles and am currently leading the dedicated Strategy and Governance team. Some words I would use to describe my experience as a PMIWDC volunteer are wonderful, educational, and awe-inspiring. Over the last few years, the Strategy and Governance team has led initiatives to ensure the chapter’s annual operational plan is aligned with our 5-year strategic plan. In doing so, we’ve collaborated with PMIWDC functional area Vice Presidents. That collaboration has helped to ensure the chapter continues to build on its successes.

Professionally, I am a Human Resource Information System Program Manager at a federal agency where I lead human capital programs and serve as the agency’s security officer for our enterprise HR system. Prior to joining the federal space, I worked as a Project Manager on Wall Street, managing financial projects. I’ve earned my BS in Computer an MBA in Strategic Leadership.

My vision for the largest chapter in the world is to continue to grow the membership in size and scope while ensuring we develop the best and brightest project managers who are ready to take on any challenge. I am excited about continuing to lead the PMIWDC board while working alongside smart and dedicated professionals who give freely of their time and talents to ensure PMIWDC is not only a large chapter, but a thriving one that gives back to our membership and community at-large.