Raza Usman


I am excited to pursue the position of VP of Technology at PMIWDC. The responsibilities align with my skills which include projects completed for software development, infrastructure, and cloud technologies. I have previous board experience with the PMI Karachi Chapter as VP of Marketing and am AWS, Docker, ServiceNow and Scaled Agile certified. 

PMI-WDC provides value to its members through professional development, events, and outreach activities. Utilizing smart use of technology, which is easy to access and use, can increase metric measurement, help fundraising, increase productivity and augment communication to all stakeholders. 

While managing teams I prefer the servant leadership style and prioritize empowering and uplifting team members. My goal will be to use my leadership and PM experience in IT infrastructure, software development and engineering to deliver optimal cost-effective solutions for the chapter for productivity, management, task organization, and omni channel communication solutions, among others.  

As the VP of Technology, I would collaborate with key stakeholders, like board members, to prioritize development and implementation of a technology roadmap that would continue and enhance current systems and services, utilize technology to provide operational excellence and provide tools that would lead to better decision making. The roadmap would provide a framework that would assist current and future office holders of the chapter.