Updates From VP Of Programs, Norelis Florentino


Discover, Network, and Lead in 2019!

Discover a new path, network with key industry figures, and lead in your organization by participating in the PMIWDC 2019 Programs Events. Since its inception in 1978, the PMIWDC chapter has provided members with many educational, networking, and professional development (PDUs) opportunities through its Programs Events. Originally focused on the construction industry, PMIWDC is the largest chapter in the world with over 11,000 members from a variety of industries in the private and government sectors.

The PMIWDC Programs Events have something to offer to everyone in the Project Management Community. The events include the Monthly Chapter Events, Special Events, Local Community Meetings, Book Clubs, and Webinars. The Monthly Chapter Events are the main events featuring dinner at the centrally located Sheraton Tysons Hotel. The Special Events are held on weekday mornings, Saturday mornings, and at local universities to accommodate busy schedules. The Local Communities Meetings are convenient for those that can only spare their lunch hour. Finally, the Webinars are a great option for those not available to attend the in-person events. All of the events offer PDUs in the three PMI Talent Triangle areas including Technical Project Management, Leadership, and Strategic and Business Management.


Monthly Chapter Events

Discuss an essential PM Book, share ideas during the invigorating networking session, find project management solutions during PM Industry Insights and attend an entertaining keynote during the dinner meeting.

  • Book Club (5:00 PM–6:00 PM)—Forum to discuss books covering project and program management challenges. Earn 1 PDU for every study hour!
  • Networking (5:15 PM–7:00 PM)—Exhibit hall session including networking activities, poster presentations, raffles, and more.
  • PM Industry Insights (5:30 PM–6:20 PM)—Discussion based sessions delivered in various formats such as presentation on tools, industry panels, and workshops. Earn 1 PDU!
  • Dinner Meeting (7:00 PM–8:30 PM)—Keynote style dinner session focused on indispensable project management topics. Earn 1 PDU!

Mark your Calendars and Register Today!

Sheraton Tysons Hotel, 8661 Leesburg Pike, Tysons, Virginia 22812

Dates: Feb. 12th, Mar. 12th, Apr. 9th, May 14th, Jun. 11th, Jul. 9th, Aug. 13th, Sept. 10th, Oct. 8th, Nov. 12th, Dec. 10th


Special Events

Benefit from informational meetings during weekday mornings, Saturday mornings, and in the evenings at local universities.

  • PM in the AM (1 PDU)—Quarterly executive morning meetings that serve breakfast and are held in Washington, D.C.
  • PM Saturday (1 PDU)—Quarterly morning meetings for PMs that provide breakfast and are held in the southern-most region of Northern Virginia.
  • University PM Talks (1.5 PDUs)—Quarterly evenings meetings held at local universities for students, young professionals, PMIWDC members, and non-members.


Local Community Meetings

  • Agile Meetup
  • Ballston Local Community
  • Fair Lakes VA Monthly Brownbag Luncheon
  • Horizon Local Community
  • Loudoun Community
  • Washington Circle Monthly Meetings
  • Monthly Downtown DC Meeting (M2D2)
  • Reston Luncheon Meeting
  • Shenandoah Valley Community
  • Sunrise Valley
  • Tyson's Corner Luncheon
  • UVa Local Community
  • Washington Circle Luncheon
  • Census PMI Community
  • Department of Labor (DOL) Luncheon Meeting
  • Department of Justice (DOJ) Luncheon Meeting
  • Freddie Mac
  • Navy Federal PM Professionals Forum


Participate in the one-hour webinars held six times per year to learn about the latest trends and techniques in project management.


Book Clubs

Share and discuss your opinions about key Project and Program Management books with your PM industry peers. There is no Book Club membership and you can earn one PDU for every study hour. The clubs are open to any PMIWDC member and there is space for up to 15 people.

Discover, Network, and Lead in 2019 by taking advantage of all of the educational, networking, and professional development (PDUs) opportunities the PMIWDC Programs Events have to offer. Sign up for an event today!