C3 - Driving Zero Trust Adoption at Scale

With more employees working remotely, increased adoption of hybrid infrastructure, and compliance and regulatory directives to adopt a Zero Trust security framework, organizations - public and private sector - are accelerating their migration from a perimeter model to a Zero Trust model. As a practitioner, a successful migration to Zero Trust requires an understanding of the critical concepts, components, and stakeholders and process. Learning outcomes: 1) Understanding Zero Trust: the need, the model, and the architectures. 2) Identify key differentiators between the traditional perimeter model and Zero Trust 3) Identify and understand potential risks - programmatic, business, and technical - associated with Zero Trust adoption at scale 4) Provide building blocks for planning the journey to a Zero Trust Model

Important C3 Event Note:
This is a hybrid event where the attendees can attend virtually (Google Meet) or in person at the Google Reston Office.

As you register, please select the appropriate option and you will get the joining information from the C3 team as the next step. Due to the room size capacity constrained, we can accommodate 40 in-person attendees (lunch included), separate Google Registration details to come. 



Emanuel Gawrieh

Emanuel Gawrieh, Strategic Cloud Engineer (Google) is a strategic cloud engineer with over 7 years of experience in cybersecurity, high performance computing, and site reliability engineering. At Google, Emanuel serves as a technical lead for the Air Force Research Laboratory, zero trust and cyber security subject matter expert for Public Sector Customers. Before joining Google, Emanuel has experience as a site reliability engineer, software engineer, and distributed systems architect. Emanuel holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Political.


Hani Raouda

Hani Raouda is a Cybersecurity and Compliance consultant (Google) with over 15 years of experience. At Google, Hani serves as the Zero Trust Lead for Public Sector Professional Services customers and subject matter expert on Zero Trust, Security, and Compliance. Before joining Google, Hani has experience as a CISO advisor, Project Engineer, and Developer. Hani holds a masters in information systems and cyber security and a bachelors in computer engineering.

Event Details

Date & Time

11 May 2023

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (EST-05:00)


1900 Reston Metro Plaza, VA 20190 null Reston, VA 20190 | Webinar


Power Skills PDU's: 1