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About the Program

Join us for networking between 11:45 and noon prior to our presentation "You Are The Leader Your Team Is Looking For" which starts at noon.

What do you think of when you think about leadership? Do you envision someone with organizational authority and the power to "make things happen"? Do you picture someone bold, charismatic, and influential? Our culture - literature, TV and movies - has presented a very narrow image of leadership! So we read books, take courses, and listen to self-described "Leadership gurus" and try to remold ourselves to this caricature of true leadership.

While this is great for those who make a living marketing these courses, the belief that this is what leadership is about misses the real truth about leadership - we are already leaders. Simply by leading projects, project managers play a critical leadership role in any organization. Success as a project manager is specifically tied to success as a leader.

In the real world, leadership is not about who has the most authority. Leadership is not granted, it is earned. There is no one formula to becoming a leader. Whatever your individual management style, you become a leader by leading. Anyone can lead, no matter their title or position, but few really do. In this presentation, we will discuss how to be the leader your team is looking for.

About the Speaker

Colleen McGraw Headshot

Colleen McGraw, PMP

Ms. McGraw has managed a broad range of projects, portfolios, and teams. She began her career in the construction and real estate, moving to banking and finance, before becoming a project manager and consultant in software development and systems integration. Ms. McGraw is currently a project management consultant working with entrepreneurs and non-profits helping them go from vision to delivery. A PMI-certified Project Management Professional with an undergraduate degree in Finance and a master’s degree in Management of Information Systems, Ms. McGraw is a frequent speaker and trainer, working with project managers to improve project management and general management skills. She has spoken at numerous PMIWDC events, including luncheon groups, PMI Symposiums, PMI Regional Conference, and several Project Summit/Business Analyst World events in Chicago, Boston, and Dallas. Ms McGraw is also an author, including contributing a chapter in “The PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook” and is currently working on a new book on people-centric project management.

About Fair Lakes Luncheons

PMIWDC's free monthly brown bag luncheons in Fair Lakes Virginia.

PMI Membership is not required, nor is preregistration. This forum provides local education, networking and the opportunity for certified program managers to earn continuing education credits (PDUs).

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11 January 2022

11:45 AM - 1:00 PM (EST-05:00)



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