Industry Insights: Eye-Witness Account of PMI's Transformation in 2015-2021: Where we've come from, where we are headed with Davidson (David) Frame. Dinner: Digital transformation with no-code/low-code revolution with Jacob Artz


6:00–6:15 Networking
6:15–7:15 Industry Insights
7:15–7:30 Intermission
7:30–8:30 Dinner meeting

6:00–6:15 Networking

Come join fellow Chapter members and other professionals in breakout rooms or in a Kahoot game to make new connections before our Chapter event. Each Networking event you attend may be different in style and format.

6:15–7:15 PM Industry Insights

Eye-Witness Account of PMI's Transformation in 2015-2021: Where we've come from, where we are headed with Davidson (David) Frame

Managing A cursory look at the dramatic transformation from PMI 1.0 to PMI 4.0 suggests that it occurred by means of a logical step-by-step progression. But there was nothing automatic about the transition. Each decision that fed into the transformation required balancing alternative options and weighing these against worldwide strategic shifts, PMI core values, global changes and the radical evolution of management practice. Davidson Frame served nine years on the PMI Board of Directors during a time when crucial decisions brought us to where we are now. In his presentation, he provides first-hand insights on how a continually changing Board (with roughly a 25-33% annual turnover in directors) working with four CEOs and constant technology-driven changes in management theory and practice made the decisions that got us to PMI 4.0.

About the Speakers

Davidson (David) Frame

Davidson (David) Frame

Frame has practiced, written about, and taught project management in the DC area since the 1990s. As a full professor at GWU, he launched its project management master’s degree program in 1996 and also served as chair of its Department of Management Science. Currently, he is Academic Dean at the University of Management and Technology in Arlington, Va.

6:10–6:15 Intermission

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7:30–8:30 Dinner Meeting

Digital transformation with no-code/low-code revolution with Jacob Artz

86% of IT decision-makers say the biggest challenge to digitally transform their business is too few software developers.  In other words, the demand for business applications is significantly outpacing the ability for IT departments to supply resources to meet the business need.

That’s where the power of citizen development comes in—with no-code/low-code platforms, anyone can build applications without software expertise, significantly faster, and at a fraction of the cost. But first, you need to learn how to use the tools you have. You need a system in place to oversee the environment, mitigate risk, and unlock the full potential of citizen development. And your citizen developers must understand how to best operate in that system.

So whether you’re looking to teach yourself or train your team, PMI has developed a framework  to ensure you make the most of this no-code/low-code revolution and securely turn ideas into applications.

About the Speaker

Jacob Artz Headshot

Jacob Artz

Jake has been part of the citizen development revolution for nearly a decade delivering salesforce solutions in the public and commercial sector.  As the delivery manager at Phoenix Team, Jake is working on bringing best in class customer experiences to clients in the mortgage industry.  Jake currently serves on the PMIWDC board of directors as the VP of technology.  Jake holds a variety of professional credentials including five salesforce certifications and a smattering of project management and agile delivery accreditations.

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Date & Time

20 July 2021

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EST-05:00)




1 Leadership ; 1 Technical