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In 2021, the PMIWDC - INCOSE WMA Joint Working Group was formed to collaborate with each other to co-create benefits for the members. During INCOSE WMA March 9th meeting, as the first of its collaborative activities, the PMIWDC is going to present on what PMIWDC is, what it offers, and how the collaboration will benefit members of both organizations. All PMIWDC members are welcome to join! 

Presentation main topic: Emergence of systems thinking in PM practice and why both PM and SE professionals both benefit from it.

In this presentation Tika Rai, PMIWDC VP Partnership will present on: 

  • Informing INCOSE members on the recently signed charter with PMIWDC to co-create benefits for members of both organizations
  • PMIWDC introduction and benefits of joining the chapter
  • Update of PMI PM body of knowledge (PMBOK) responding to emerging needs of PM professionals 
  • Relevance of Systems thinking now in PMBOK 7 to both PM and SE professionals

About the Speaker

Tikajit Rai Headshot

Tika Rai, PMP, PhD

Tika Rai (he/him/his) has over 25 years of PM experience in leading capacity in wireless industry, software development space, social entrepreneurship, and education product development. His mantra for successful projects, programs, and portfolios are his favorite triad: Systems Thinking, Entrepreneurial Change, and Enabling Thrivability of Teams.

He is a 2013 International Project Management Association (IPMA) Gold winner of Community Development Project. Through his social enterprise’s flagship project, he integrated IT in small farmer financial cooperatives across rural Nepal with behavioral change and design thinking strategies for a long-term sustainability. Today 600+ such cooperatives are IT-enabled on their own to provide product/services to its members more effectively; and growing.

Currently, as a Sr. Project Manager in Product Strategy, Innovation, and Design (PSID) team at Walden University, he leads program and portfolio of projects to research, pilot and scale cutting edge content authoring and student experience enhancement tools and VR and AI-driven simulation programs, as well as change management initiatives for their rapid and sustainable adaptation.

Volunteering is his passion to adding values towards PM community through knowledge transfer and exemplification of how projects can be successful when the triad mantra is adapted. He serves as a PMIWDC VP of Partnership Management, VP of Asia Pacific Federation of PM, and Board member of PM4NGOs. He can be reached at [email protected]

Event Details

Date & Time

9 March 2022

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (EST-05:00)


Virtual Event


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