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About the Program

‘Pulse of the Profession 2020 makes it very clear – Project Managers of the future will not be mere executors of project management approaches. They will be leaders guiding cross-functional teams, with the authority to self-govern, define their own objectives, and deliver independently without reliance on other areas of the business. These Project Managers will resource and lead change-ready teams with an eye on collaboration, empathy, and innovation. If not, they will fail.’

Presentation Abstract

Creating high-performing project teams has never been more important! From understanding what makes individuals 'tick' to helping groups excel, the onus is on leaders to bring the insight, emotional intelligence, and creativity needed to make high performance happen. Fortunately, the science of behavioral DNA is here to help. Rather than relying on old formulas like - "forming, storming, norming, and performing" - to understand what is going on, leaders can now use the power of predictive behavioral analytics to diagnose team challenges, leverage team strengths, and develop strategies to compensate for team blind spots.

In this short presentation, you will learn:

  • about the 8 most important team 'functionalities' that support this new reality,
  • what specific natural behavioral competencies make each functionality possible,
  • the steps involved in assessing whether a team has what it needs to excel in the functionalities, and
  • when to use conscious collaboration, team member development, and team redesign to solve chronic team performance issues

About the Speakers

Geraldine Canty Headshot

Geraldine Canty B.A., PMP, CSM, PM Dip.

Geraldine is a Project and Portfolio Management consultant. She has worked in many public, private, and industrial sectors. For the past 20 years, she has worked around the globe in places like Ireland, UK, Singapore, India, The Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and various locations in the United States, including Washington, DC, where she now resides. Geraldine has served in the United States Navy, also.

Over the past year, Geraldine has done extensive research into the Future of Work, and what companies will need to do to prepare. Of the many exciting changes begin driven by the technology revolution, global changes and multi-generational workforces, the focus on the role of people and their holistic wellbeing is extraordinary and exciting. How well a company does in Talent Management and Organizational Agility will be critical to organizations financial health and success. The game changers will be behavioral analytics and the successful use of agile methodologies.

Along with a B.A. from George Washington University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Project Management from University College Cork; she is a certified PMP, and CSM, has nine career performance awards and she is a lifelong learner currently focusing on building great teams for the organizations of the future….

Since early childhood, Germaine has been captivated by “how we work inside”, how thoughts, feelings, and perceptions shape our states of being, relationships with others, and our impact in the world. With over 25 years of experience as educator, lecturer and hands-on practitioner in the human and organization development fields, she has had the privilege of engaging many hundreds of people in thought-provoking explorations of what gives meaning and purpose to their lives.

Germaine Watts BBA, MIR

With degrees in Business Administration and Industrial Relations, complemented by continuing studies in Integral Psychology and Organization Development, Germaine takes a full-spectrum consciousness approach to her work.

Germaine has a thriving psycho-spiritual life coaching practice, Integrated Meaning Systems, that uses mindfulness techniques and provocative self-reflection exercises to cultivate insight, build resilience, and foster wellbeing. This work is based on her first book, Meaning-Making: The Power of Meaning Systems, in which she takes readers on a guided self-discovery journey around 7 Theatres of Mindfulness. It is also at the heart of her latest venture, providing customized workshops on Buddhist theories of mind, meditation techniques, and their application to reducing strain and burn-out in high stress occupations.

In addition to her ongoing coaching work, Germaine is also partner and CEO of a niche consulting firm Intelligent Organizational Systems, where she advises senior leaders on the design, management, and resourcing of purpose-driven organizations. Motivated by the challenge of bridging differences in cross-cultural and multi-lingual settings, she has travelled extensively as expert lecturer and facilitator on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Working in countries as diverse as China, Nigeria, Belarus and Brazil, she has motivated senior leaders, professionals, and frontline staff to adopt the progressive ways of working demanded by safe use of nuclear technologies.

Germaine has recently published her novel approaches to building resilient organizations a second book, Process-based Management Systems for High Reliability Organizations. Co-authored with John Paciga PhD, this handbook provides whole system organizational designers and systemic change agents step-by-step guidance on how to work with and align meaning, propensities, and systems in support of high performance.

Before launching her international consulting career, Germaine held progressively more senior leadership positions in provincial worker’s compensation and cancer treatment systems, where she directed recruitment and selection, leadership development and performance improvement initiatives.

Germaine Watts Headshot

Event Details

Date & Time

2 November 2021

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EST-05:00)


Virtual Meeting


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