The Engagement Matrix: Actionable Options for Supervisors and Project Managers

The Engagement Matrix is a tool that provides immediate and effective guidance for informal performance management. The essence of leadership without authority is to be able to demonstrate empathy for individual circumstances while providing direction that enables teams to be successful. In this presentation, Dave and Lisa will show you a simple and effective method for ensuring that your management time is invested optimally to maximize your return. Through the categorization of behaviors into four main quadrants, we have a starting point for concentrated leadership. Knowing when to apply the techniques of management, motivation, training, or nurturing gives the leader immediate insight and actions to support the building and continuous growth of high-performance teams!



Lisa Hammer HeadshotLisa Hammer has significant experience specializing in project management and staff development. She has managed the implementation of several multi-million-dollar programs, achieving client goals while maintaining budget and cost controls. Her executive career has been highlighted by a broad range of qualifications, including proven leadership and analytical skills, collaboration with outside groups, along with a reputation for accountability, flexibility, and resourcefulness.







David Newman HeadshotDavid B. Newman has a diversified background in engineering and product development. He is a certified trainer for leadership seminars and loves to share his experience and extensive background with others. Project teams have excelled under his leadership as he has emphasized that the key to building a high-performance team is to integrate management skills with a collaborative philosophy to motivate teams.

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15 May 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EST-05:00)


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