PM Point Of View #79. Agile Today from the 2020 UMD Symposium


Scrum with distributed teams. Agile in a traditionally non-Agile environment. Project Management in the time of Agile: is it still relevant? These are the topics we cover in the third episode of our series from the 2020 UMD Project Management Symposium. Listen to highlights from the three presentations, along with follow-up interviews with the presenters.


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About the Speaker

Christine Brennan Schmidt

Christine Brennan Schmidt has worked at the American Chemical Society for approximately 27 years. She has managed education programs and two textbook projects. In 1999, she made the jump to technology. She has worked on technology-based projects and products in positions within IT and Membership divisions. She currently has a wide variety of functions, including project manager for various department-led initiatives, product owner for a social collaboration platform, consultant on various enterprise-wide projects, and staff liaison to a governance committee.

Christine Brennan Schmidt Headshot

JJ Sutherland

JJ Sutherland is the CEO of Scrum Inc., a consulting and training firm that uses Scrum to rapidly deliver results in companies across the globe. He is the author of The Scrum Fieldbook: A Master Class on Accelerating Performance, Getting Results, and Defining the Future, and coauthor of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, written with his father, Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum.

JJ Sutherland Headshot

Richard Wyatt

Richard Wyatt is the Director of Strategic Programs at TIAA, a leading Financial Services provider. He has worked across the globe in UK, US, Australia and Indonesia delivering projects of growing size and complexity. He currently manages projects with budgets in excess of $100m. During his career he has observed project managers struggle, as the size of their projects has increased. Richard has researched and articulated the skills set required to be successful. 

Richard Wyatt Headshot