PM Point Of View #81. Project Teams in a VUCA Context from the 2020 UMD Symposium


Covid-19 has changed the way we operate on every level, including how we manage projects. It has made clear the fragility of our reality, and the fancy dancing required, not only to survive, but to move forward constructively. In the 4th and last episode from our series highlighting presentations from UMD's 2020 Project Management Symposium, we focus on the leadership skills and approaches that are needed in today's volatile, fast-shifting environment. 

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About the Speakers

Steven Gruyters Headshot

Steven Gruyters

Steven Gruyters partners with visionary leaders to design and deliver enterprise transformation initiatives geared towards speed, flexibility and maximum business value. He has been breaking down silos between business and technology organizations for over 20 years. He is currently booting up ZZEE Partners, focused on optimizing how people work together to unlock their potential.

Dr. Al Zeitoun

Dr. Al Zeitoun is a business optimization and operational performance excellence leader with global experience. He has worked with leading organizations, developing Enterprise Digital Transformation and Program Management Offices; guiding systematic methodology implementations, and executing complex missions and programs across diverse industries and cultures.

Al Zeitoun Headshot

Harry Zolkower Headshot

Harry Zolkower

Harry Zolkower has spent over a decade as professional project manager, with many years of expertise in IT and all sectors of business, both public and private, for-profit as well as nonprofit. He is currently a project manager for Acumen Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in Salesforce project implementations.