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Diversity and Inclusion: Why it Matters?

To reinforce the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in our lives and workplaces, PMIWDC executed a D&I awareness and training program with the help of its D&I partner MindSpring.

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Get Involved Now and Make a Difference

PMIWDC is accepting nominations for the Board of Directors

Nominations are DUE by July 23

Petitions are DUE by August 11

Board Elections occur August 16 – September 10

The following positions are open:

  • Vice President Programs
  • Vice President Membership
  • Vice President Finance
  • PMIWDC, Chair Elect

The Vice Presidents are elected for 3-year terms and the Chair Elect for a 1-year term.

Get active in chapter leadership & earn PDUs

Please click here to learn the positions and the nominating process or email [email protected] for more information.


New Credential Holders in November

Congratulations to the 153 new credential holders in December

Adelaide Abankwah, Valentyna Abdullina, Syed Abuzar, Roland Alexander, AlHussien, Bin Ahmed Al-Mutawakil, II, Gajender Bansal, Becky Barclay, Patrick Barker, Roger Beatty, Ph.D., Bharati Belwalkar, Thomas Bennett, Jr., Colleen Bevins, Utibe Bickham-Wright, Kate Bjelde, Rett Boehling, Roma Bose, Eve Boyle, Mark Branham, Pablo Briones, Irma Brussow, Marie Claire Calvo, Corey Carter, Michael Carter, Paola Castillo, Carlos Cervantes, Yoon Hyung Choi, Tyler Coen, Danny Collins, Kenneth Conkright, Kevin Costello, Timothy Robert Countee, Jr., Anthony Covington, Sarah Dallas, Chad D’Amore, Andre Dancy, Miriam Dangasuk, Whiticar Darvill, Anthony Depew, Darrin DeReus, Zhuqing Ding, Paul Eckerman, Melissa Ehlers, Ronda Evans, Michael Facini, Michael Fakhari, Deneen Fleming, Karen Freeland, Michael Gaines, Sr., Rayfus Gary, Marco Gobbo, Leanne Goldstein

Tommy Goodwin, Kelley Grow, Holly Halsey, Loan Hanlon, Fatiha Haque, Heather Harris Roemer, Alanna Hatcher, Logan Hatfield, Christina Hegadorn, Arthur Higbee, Jennifer Hofmann, Charles Holloway, III, Veronica Hubbard, William Hubbard, Leslie Huber, Maggie Ipsaro, Kevin Johnson, John Kennedy Joseph, Sridher Kamineni, Grace Katabaruki, Deborah Elizabeth Katz, Inci Kaymak, Brooke Kennedy, Vu Khuu, Christine Kim, Mary Klein, Sudheer Kothapalli, Aman Kundlas, Theresa Langley, Eni Maho, Amanda Martin, David Matters, Donna Matuszek, Erin McDermott, Joseph McNulty, Elda Merho, David Meteyer, Sandy Mo, Meagan Mobley, Catherine Molinski, Doemini Mosley, Whitney Muse, Leonard Neely, Celena Noel, Aaron Norris, Marlo Obcemea, Nick Ohadi, Patrick O’Keefe, Dale Parsan, Caitlin Pennington, Ron Perry

Sherri Perry, William Peterson, M.Y. Phanthavong, Christopher Phillips, Brandy Rahmani, Sneha Rajagopal, Francis Reilly, Jr., David Rose, Richard Ross, John Rutledge, Molly Rydzynski, Mavlide Samet, Robiat Sanni, Qasim Sayed, Robert Scarlett, Erin Schuck, Keiana Scott, Barbara Seedah, Nabeel Siddiqi, Christian Sigwe, Taneka Simmons, Janelle Smart, Krista Stenborg, Mary Stephens, Katrina Stevenson, Christian Stockel, Christiana Strack, Maricarmen Suarez, Ryan Sullivan, Derrick Sultzer, Kevin Tamai, Christina Tascione, Elena Tchumanov, Andre Teche, Jackeline Tellez, Keila Thacker, Sr., Danielle Thomas-Pollard, Annette Torrisi, Samantha Uditsky, Gayathri Vissa, Tony Waites, Andrea Watling, Mark Weng, Shaunna Williams, Delano Wilson, Jr., Joan Wilson, Stacey Wolf, Wing Wong, Lei Yao, Nickalaus Years, Eugene Zormelo

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2021 PMIWDC Board of Directors

Congratulations to the 2021 Board of Directors including Liana Underwood, CEO and Chair and Danni Richards, Chair-Elect. We are also pleased to have three recently elected Vice Presidents — Michelle Leete, Strategy and Governance, Nichelle Sankey, Partnership Management, and Monique Thomas, Special Projects.

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The PMIWDC Chapter is treating you to a FREE VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM

Connecting to the Future. At this special event, you will connect with your peers to hear three speakers and learn about the power of intellectual connection, the future of artificial intelligence and the value of virtual meetings.
3 December, 1:00 p.m.–4:45 p.m. EST (UTC-5)

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PM Soundbites

Couldn't make it to the Monthly Meetings? Don't worry, here are some recaps from both the July and August Meetings!

Anthony Reed- Ten Leadership Lessons From Running Marathons On All Seven Continents
Watch here

Frank P. Saladis- Your Future As a Project Manager
Watch here

Joseph D. Launi- Introduction To Earned Value
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PMI CEO Sunil Prashara Visit to DC

PMIWDC board members welcomed Sunil Prashara, President & CEO at Project Management Institute last month for dinner in downtown D.C.

We were excited to meet Sunil! He had been on the job just two months and was visiting the largest chapter in the world! The board shared the chapter's strategic vision and plan for the next 5 years. Sunil shared his strategy and where he sees PMI heading in the future. In his Facebook live chat with Uma Hiremagalur, VP Technology, he talked about his 6 priorities :

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PMIWDC has Collected 365 Pounds of Food for Martha's Table, a Local Food Bank!

In keeping with PMIWDC’s mission, High Impact Community Leaders, the chapter has been collecting food donations for Martha's Table, a local food bank.

We have collected 365 pounds of food so far this year!

Interested in donating? Bring your non-perishable donations to any of our monthly chapter events!

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5-Year Strategic Plan

PMIWDC was chartered in 1978 and has grown to a membership of over 11,000, making it the largest PMI chapter in the world. As the organization evolves to accommodate its large and diverse Project Management community, the board is focused on ensuring we keep up with how PMI is changing globally, nurturing an environment of sustainment in membership while preparing for a new generation of project managers and prioritizing personal and professional development amongst its membership.

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Updates From VP of Programs, Norelis Florentino

A featured article by Norelis Florentino, 2019 VP of Programs
Discover, Network, and Lead in 2019!

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Call for Speakers

PMIWDC is actively seeking exciting speakers from the Project Management (PM) community to speak at our 2021 Programs Events

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