Nominations Open for the PMIWDC 2022-2024 Board of Directors


Are you interested in serving on the PMIWDC Board of Directors?

In accordance with the PMIWDC Bylaws and in line with association practices, PMIWDC is accepting nominations for the following Board of Directors positions:

    Nominations and Election Schedule:

    • Nominations are DUE by 5:00 PM (EST), July 23, 2021
    • Petitions are DUE by 5:00 PM (EST), August 11, 2021
    • Elections will be held August 16 – September 10

    How To Apply

    There are two ways to apply. Instructions for both processes are below.

    Members who apply before 23 July 2021 may follow the "Nomination Committee Process":

    • Must meet the requirements for eligibility
    • Submit the following by email to [email protected] - not later than 23 July 2021
      • Completed 2022 Qualifications Form (downloadable form at the bottom of this page).
      • A digital photograph to be used if selected to run for the position.

    After 23 July 2021
    and before 11 August 2021, applicants must complete the “Petition Process”:

    • Complete a petition form (downloadable form at the bottom of this page)
    • Obtain signatures from at least 5% of the chapter membership.
      • Official membership number as of May 31, 2021 was 9,594; thus, 480 signatures are required.
      • Each page of the petition must contain applicant’s name, PMI number, and the position sought.
      • Signatures on the petition must identify the name of the signer, both printed and signature, their PMI number, email address, and phone number.
    • Submit the signed petition to [email protected] by 5:00 PM (EST), 11 August 2021.


    Please contact [email protected] or 703-683-4804

    Qualifications Form

    Petitions Form

    VP Finance

    Position Overview:

    Membership elected volunteer leader responsible for financial oversight of the chapter. Manages the chapter accounting and financial matters and serves as trustee of management reserves.

    Qualifications (Prerequisites):

    • Minimum of 2 years PMI volunteer experience (1 year PMIWDC experience required).
    • Minimum of 2 years volunteer and/or professional leadership experience.
    • Minimum of 5 years accounting, finance, or project control experience


    • Managing chapter accounting, financial reporting, audit, financial services, and financial matters
    • Serving as trustee of management reserves, including chairing the investment committee and annual reserves analysis
    • Engaging with all board members on financial performance, and crafting the next year’s operating budget
    • Overseeing budgeting activities and all treasury matters
    • Performing financial risk management for all chapter operational activities
    • Ensuring appropriate insurance coverage is maintained
    • Performing regulatory reporting obligations to the membership, IRS, State, and PMI
    • Keeping abreast of any financial laws that would affect the operations of the chapter
    • Reporting to the Board on the state of investments and performance against budget baseline.
    • Establishing policies and procedures to govern the management of Chapter finances.
    • Engaging with the Board to perform a mid-year re-baseline of the budget per policy.
    • Submitting required tax filings to appropriate government authorities.
    • Maintaining and presenting financial records required for Chapter operations in accordance with the bylaws
    • Supporting external audit firm in conducting annual audit and sharing audit results with the Chapter board and membership.
    • Coordinating remediation of audit findings with the Board.
    • Engaging with and alerting the bookkeeper of any major transactions, changes, or audit findings
    • Providing financial reporting regarding the state of finances and Chapter activity to Chapter membership.
    • Maintaining the annual budget and prepares financial guidelines and procedures.
    • Providing financial performance report to the Board monthly and during Board meetings.

    VP Membership

    Position Overview:

    Membership elected volunteer leader responsible for addressing the needs of chapter membership, including member recruitment, retention, and associated value delivery in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.

    Qualifications (Prerequisites):

    • Minimum of 2 years PMI volunteer experience (1 year PMIWDC experience required).
    • Minimum of 2 years volunteer and/or professional leadership experience.


    • Educating members on chapter offerings.
    • Developing strategies to attract and increase membership.
    • Developing strategies to increase membership retention.
    • Recognizing new members.
    • Developing and maintaining the loyalty program.
    • Recognizing loyal members at monthly events.
    • Revising/maintaining new member orientation material in collaboration with all functional areas.
    • Scheduling and facilitating new member orientation.
    • Reporting membership statistics.
    • Measuring member satisfaction and reporting results.
    • Conducting the annual membership meeting in collaboration with the Board

    VP Programs

    Position Overview

    Membership elected volunteer leader responsible for managing recurring educational and networking events that provide value to PMIWDC members and the project management community in the Washington DC metro area.

    This includes providing member value by ensuring the event delivery for: Monthly Chapter Event (up to 12/year), Special Events (up to 14/year), Local Communities Events (Up to 20/month), and Book Clubs (Up to 3/month). The Monthly Chapter Events include 3 sessions (PM Industry Insights, Networking, Dinner Meeting).

    Each Programs event is typically one hour.

    Qualifications (Prerequisites):

    • Minimum of 2 years PMI volunteer experience (1 year PMIWDC experience required).
    • Minimum of 2 years volunteer and / or professional leadership experience.
    • Program and event planning skills


    Ensures event delivery, supervises, and provides leadership for the following:

    • AVPs, Chairs, and Volunteers with delivering the Monthly Chapter Event, Special Events, Local Communities Events, and Book Club Meetings.
    • A “Call for Speakers” campaign conducted by AMC to provide speakers for all events.
    • Marketing area to ensure all events are marketed.
    • Assists AVPs with operations and member/non-member correspondence.
    • Assists AVPs in coordinating speakers, posting events on website, and facilitating events.
    • Providing members with educational opportunities (1 PDU in length)
    • Providing information to prospective project management professionals, corporate and government leaders, and students looking to step into the field of project management.
    • Planning and hosting monthly or quarterly chapter events to include: PM Tools, University PM Talks, Book clubs, and Quarterly Breakfast Series, to help attendees enhance project management knowledge and skills.
    • Promoting networking within the project management community by hosting networking events like Project Management After Hours (PMAH)
    • Planning and managing PMIWDC Webinars to offer an alternate mode of learning and reach members that can’t attend events in person.
    • Managing Local Community monthly lunch and learn events throughout the Washington, DC area.
    • Identifying speakers who offer topics that are engaging to members on relevant project management topics.
    • Managing PMIWDC's Speakers' Database.
    • Identifying venues to host the events and work with Operations Services VP on contract negotiations.
    • Recruiting and training volunteers to help manage events.
    • Inviting key influencers from industry to participate in chapter events.
    • Collaborating with chapter VPs to ensure successful monthly chapter events.
    • Incorporating feedback, suggestions, and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter.
    • Collecting and reporting metrics to identify event successes and failures.
    • Providing information to members and nonmembers on career development.

    PMIWDC, Chair-Elect

    Position Overview

    Board elected volunteer who will assist the Chair with managing the chapter. Assumes the role of the chapter Chair, if the Chair is unable to perform duties for any reason.

    Qualifications (Prerequisites):

    • Minimum of 3 years PMIWDC Board volunteer experience.
    • Must have been elected by the PMIWDC membership and served on the PMIWDC Board and does not currently have to be an active board member.


    PMIWDC Chair-elect is responsible for:

    • Reviewing Chapter Policies and recommend changes.
    • Assisting Chair with oversight of ongoing activities to ensure compliance with policies and bylaws.
    • Engaging with Chair to ensure a seamless transition.
    • Assume the role of Chair if the Chair is unable to perform duties for any reason.
    • Assist with the Chair duties as requested.
    • Oversee committees as directed by Chair.
    • Mentor board leaders for their next leadership role.
    • In coordination with the Chair, assist in the development and implementation of a succession and transition plan.

    In addition to the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Chapter Bylaws, Article V, the following additional duties and skills are expected of all board members.

    Management and Administrative Duties:

    • Focus on continuous improvement within their functional area.
    • Build a team to manage the functional area’s activities and ensure that each team member receives orientation, on-boarding, and training for their role.
    • Collaborate with all functional areas and be aware of their needs.
    • Act as a chapter ambassador and represent the chapter’s mission, vision and values at every event attended.
    • Provide volunteers with leadership development opportunities including board progression, where appropriate.
    • Develop or maintain a succession plan and training materials for their functional area.
    • Document all functional areas process and procedures.
    • Use Chapter-provided technology/tools for collaboration and communication.
    • Create tools as needed to manage their functional area effectively and share with other VPs
    • Attend Board meetings and annual board training.

    Strategic and Business Management Skills and Experiences:

    • Strategic Planning and Process Execution experience
    • Organization Management experience
    • PMI Knowledge and Experience
    • Volunteer Engagement experience
    • Stakeholder Management experience
    • Vendor Management experience
    • Change Management experience
    • Financial and Risk Management experience
    • Time & Resource Management experience
    • Matrix Team Management experience
    • Ability to effectively collaborate across the board (skills)

    Leadership Skills

    • Ability to Delegate Effectively
    • Ability to accept and drive change
    • Proven ability to lead under pressure and multi-task
    • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Team Building
    • Strong Public Speaking and Facilitation

    The following list of qualifications are expected of all board members.

    • PMIWDC Member in good standing, i.e., dues paid, and no grievances filed.
    • Demonstrated understanding of PMI Code of Ethics.
    • Demonstrated understanding of PMIWDC policies.
    • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively at all levels within of an organization.
    • Minimum of 4 years project management experience
    • Minimum of 5 years volunteer and/or professional leadership experience, unless specifically stated otherwise for the position