Chapter Meeting - August 2020 - Leverage performance by optimising emotions with Sarab Singh


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In many Australian businesses, concepts like emotional intelligence are still considered as ‘soft stuff’ where empathy and emotions are not given priority as compared to other more tangible metrics. However, these softer aspects tend to have harder consequences in terms of business performance and sustainability.

Most projects fail to deliver fully on the benefits not because of technical challenges with the project management, rather more adaptive challenges that are social and human-centered. Further, as our workplace cultures are getting more diverse and global in nature, there is a critical need to upskill our leaders in these competencies.

Emotions play a far greater role in determining business success than many businesses realise. This could be attributed to the profound correlation between Emotional Hygiene and better customer experience, sales, and productivity, employee engagement, decision making, even hard measures such as financial performance and business growth.

The increased use of fMRI and EEG in accurately profiling the brain across cultures and industries has provided a vast amount of data used to develop strategies and measures to increase individual and organisational emotional hygiene and effectiveness.

This presentation is designed for Project Managers and Leaders who what to gain a deeper understanding of emotions and how to leverage high levels of engagement and endeavor by all stakeholders.


Sarab Singh

Sarab Singh

Sarab is an expert in connecting business strategy and team performance. He is a specialist in addressing enterprise-specific challenges through personal growth strategies for leadership teams. He has been instrumental in preparing many organisations as they move from the Information Age to the Imagination Age. 

Sarab is a Human Behaviour expert. His expertise in behavioral sciences includes areas of unconscious bias, conflict resolution, performance management, interpersonal communication including emotional intelligence, influence and persuasion skills. 

In 2010, Sarab won the inaugural graduate scholarship at the Australian National University whilst undertaking his academic studies in the areas of leadership development and high-performance teams. Sarab’s passion is to build leadership and management capability within his clients’ organisations to enhance employee engagement, retention and productivity. 

More recently, Sarab was invited by Harvard Business School in Boston to take part in an Executive Leadership Program on Innovation where he combined his behavioral science approach with the latest thinking in innovation and design thinking. He has used this unique perspective to help businesses prepare for and excel in the new Age of Imagination.

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Date & Time

12 August 2020

5:45 PM - 8:30 PM (AWST+08:00)


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