PM Day of Service (PMDos) for Consultants

Be a part of the SOLUTION!

  • Are you a passionate project management LEADER?
  • Do you want to expand your NETWORK by associating with like-minded individuals?
  • Do you want to GIVE BACK to the community? Interested - Registrations are now OPEN

PM Day of Service (PMDos) for Consultants

What is PMDoS?

The PMI WA chapter has partnered with PM4Change to create the PMDoS WA event. At the PMDoS, PMI WA Chapter members will partner with charities and not-for-profit organisations to offer a benefit never before presented in this fashion.

The PMDoS started in the U.S. with events held in Houston, Washington DC and New York. PMDoS has also been held in Brisbane. This is the inaugual PMDoS for WA.

Join us and be part of this great event to:

  • Promote the VALUE of project management to charities by clarifying its unique value proposition
  • Increase VISIBILITY of the project management profession
  • Redefine project management as an “INTENTIONAL PROFESSION”
  • Expand your NETWORK by working with like-minded professionals
  • Enable you to MAINTAIN your professional standing by earning up to eight Professional Development Unit’s (PDU’s)
  • Enhance the STATUS of PMI Queensland and its members as a community, business, and professional resource
  • Tangibly SERVE your community by giving them one day of your time and expertise to help them define solutions to their issues
  • Build on your resume and strengthen your career
  • Opportunity to PROMOTE your personal brand on social media

Who can participate?

This event is primarily for PMI WA Chapter members but is also open to external volunteers.

How does it work?

Prior to the day, the consulting team (two or three project managers) will be provided with a fact-sheet of the organisation’s initiative(s) that they are bringing to the table. The consulting team will research and prepare for the day to come to the table prepared to advance those initiatives. Each organisation can send up to five representatives that will speak to the specific initiative they wish to tackle at the event. Seated at the same table, you will work through the day and deliver to your client those artefacts that will supplement their goals and advance them to the next level in their endeavours.

When is it taking place?

November 2019

Where is the event taking place?


How do I register?

Please complete the following form to register your interest.