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The Handbook for Creators and Change Makers is Now Available

This book brings together the latest thinking on citizen development from industry thought leaders, no-code/low-code vendors, transformation experts, and executives who oversee large technology investments. It guides organizations to deliver citizen development projects, design better apps, scale the operating model, align key stakeholders, and nurture and grow citizen development.

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Citizen development is here to stay. And we are excited to play a role in helping to shape what comes next.

As we developed PMI’s frameworks and methodologies to support citizen development, we spoke to industry leaders and practitioners to understand how they have harnessed the power of “low-code, no-code” platforms to transform organizations. We’re excited to be able to share a few of these stories and experiences.



    The Rise and Role of the Citizen Developer

    In the New Work Ecosystem, citizen developers are becoming instrumental to organizations. But who exactly is the citizen developer? And what is their role within an organization? We spoke with PMI executives and individuals currently fulfilling this role to take a look at who the citizen developer is, the drivers behind this role, and the capabilities required to fulfill this role.

    How to be Successful with Citizen Development

    To gain an understanding of how one can be successful with citizen development, we spoke with PMI executives and individuals who have deployed citizen developer at their organizations to share actionable, service-driven tips on how leaders can deploy citizen developer at their organizations to stay ahead of this trend.

    Why PMI and Citizen Development

    As the citizen developer role continues to grow within organizations, project managers are increasingly taking on this role to fulfill their teams’ specific needs and tackle problems in a more structured and controlled way.

    Q&A with Praveen Seshadri

    Sunil Prashara and Praveen Seshadri, Distinguished Software Engineer at Google, discuss Praveen’s experience in creating AppSheet, a no-code platform acquired by Google in 2020.

    Q&A with Sovan Shatpathy

    Sunil Prashara and Sovan Shatpathy, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Navy Federal Credit Union, discuss his experience in implementing citizen development across various industries and the potential of citizen development moving forward.

    person swimming in ocean

    Beyond VUCA

    Sunil Prashara | 2 December 2020

    Change and tumult are inevitable. The sooner we make peace with that truth, the faster we can prepare ourselves...

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    laptops on table

    The Nexus of Digitization and Democratization

    Sunil Prashara | 2 December 2020

    In an exponentially changing, “digital first” world, organizations need a tech-proficient workforce to navigate...

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    man sitting on bridge

    Bridging the Governance Gap: How to Safely Realize the Potential of Citizen Development

    Arjun Jamnadass | 20 November 2020

    Low-code/no-code platforms have democratized software development, but organizations have been slow to embrace.…

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    laptop with purple lighting

    Tech Mahindra CEO says “Don’t miss out on citizen development”

    Sunil Prashara | 17 November 2020

    Sunil Prashara chats with CEO and MD of Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani, about the potential of citizen development…

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    Apple Watch

    Digital Transformation – and Implications for Project Leaders

    Srini Srinivasan | 5 November 2020

    Today we live in a digital first world, but successfully managing digital transformation is a challenge for project...

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    News Articles

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    What is Citizen Development?

    Cindy Waxer | 1 December 2020

    Today’s organizations are operating at warp speed. Years’ worth of digital transformation must now be completed...

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    Why Citizen Development is Critical to the Future of Project Management

    PM Tips | 30 November 2020

    How project managers stay on the leading edge of the citizen development trend by making application and software...

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    How to Foster a Culture of Citizen Development

    Bill Doerrfeld | 22 October 2020

    What can leaders do to encourage a thriving environment of citizen developers in their organization?

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    How to Speed Up Software Development (without Killing Morale)

    Mary K. Pratt | 12 October 2020

    In the wake of the pandemic, IT leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver solutions fast. But many CIOs are finding…

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    7 Barriers to Innovation Worth Breaking

    Mary K. Pratt | 28 September 2020

    Conventional cultures produce conventional results. To truly innovate, you have to rethink how you incentivize risk...

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