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PMI Citizen Developer Business Architect

The world's biggest movements require the world's greatest leaders.

The PMI Citizen Developer Business Architect (CD-BA) micro-credential course and exam bundle provides leaders with the tools and methodologies needed to manage citizen development teams.

This course consists of 4 modules:

  1. Intro & Profile to PMI Citizen Developer Business Architect (FREE)     
    • Provides you with the roles and responsibilities of the CDBA.
    • Helps determine the key skillsets and experience required and where the CDBA role fits within the organizational structure.
  2. Operating Model
    • Provides the insights and tools needed to successfully implement citizen development within an organization by managing change, generating widespread buy-in, ensuring accountability, managing governance processes, overseeing appropriate reporting, and demonstrating the value of citizen development to the organization.
  3. Organizational Alignment
    • Describes the operating structures that best support the introduction and scaling of citizen development within an organization.
  4. Maturity Model
    • Provides guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the CDBA at each stage of citizen development maturity within an organization.

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Course + Exam Bundle
Price: $375.00

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Demonstrate ability to effectively manage and introduce scalable citizen development within an organization.

Managers and other leaders of current or future citizen developers; specifically Project Professionals, Program Managers, Portfolio Leaders, Strategists, etc.

When to Enroll
After completing CD-Practitioner (CD-P).

Throughout the course, you'll receive advice and hear real-world stories from four citizen development experts to help you gain a deeper understanding of the role of a CDBA. You'll also get access to downloadable resources to support you in your role as a CDBA.

Education Requirements
CD-Practitioner (CD-P) is recommended.

Experience Requirements
Familiarity with project management terminology is recommended, but not required.

Maintenance Requirements
N/A; the micro-credential doesn't expire and doesn't need to be renewed.

Course Length
6-8 hours total for the course + micro-credential exam bundle; each mini-course takes approximately 1-1.5 hours

Exam Information
Exam available with purchase of the bundle and after you complete all four modules.
60 minutes, 40 multiple choice questions 

What You'll Get
Micro-credential, Badge Award, and 8 PDUs for the bundle once you complete all four modules and pass the exam.
Certificates of completion and 2 PDUs are available for each mini-course if purchased individually. 

Citizen Developer: Business Architect Badge

Other Course Recommendations
CD-Foundation (CD-F)

"I understood how important and impactful is the citizen development for the business agility and digital transformation. In addition, I had many insights to mirror to in terms of general practices for the enterprise and adapting to other contexts. Excellent!"

- Pilot Tester

Downloadable FAQ

  • Citizen Developer Business Architect FAQs