Introducing PMI Citizen Developer

Learn how to unlock the potential of citizen development in your organization.

How to Get Involved

To progress through the program tiers from a Citizen Developer Program Registered Partner to Gold Partner, your organization will have to meet clearly defined criteria. The criteria are broken down into Training, Experience, Capability, and Community Contribution. To meet the requirements in each of these areas, you must submit evidence that will be reviewed by PMI before your next tier is achieved. Once you have achieved a tier, PMI will share the relevant badges with you that can be placed on your collateral, website and used for marketing and social media.

Tier Requirements for Technology Vendors

Tier Requirements Technology

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Tier Requirements for Delivery Companies

Tier Requirements Delivery

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PMI maintains the quality of our ecosystem through annual reviews. 

Joining the program is free. A small investment is required to meet the Training criteria and an annual subscription fee from the Silver tier is required to cover PMI’s costs of running the program.